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Looking for similar shaft profile of a Fubuki J 70x5ct stiff

headcase59headcase59 Advanced Members Posts: 447
Been playing this shaft for awhile. No complaints just want to try something different, mostly because I'm an idiot.

Anybody know of any driver shafts with a similar profile? Maybe a little lower launching. Just a little


  • 03trdblack03trdblack ClubWRX Charter Members Posts: 1,806 ClubWRX
    Taken from golfshaftreviews website:

    "The second generation Fubuki Alpha and the fourth generation Fubuki J are also the same profile. They similar yet subtly different than the Diamana ‘ilima and the KuroKage Proto TINI. The differences make these unique designs that must be tested to find your best fit."
  • Russ757Russ757 Advanced Members Posts: 7,654 ✭✭
    Js are counterbalanced so factor that in.
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