Right elbow in front of right leg

So I was told recently that my hands are too passive and not moving as fast as my body. I wasn’t sliding, i just wasn’t getting the arms in sync with the lower body. So we worked on a drill to get my right elbow in front of my right leg, ala Brooks Koepka. This has really helped me compress the ball, but my clubface is now wide open and I’m blocking everything. Any thoughts on how to close the face?


  • robdalkyrobdalky Members Posts: 181 ✭✭✭

    I’ve been down this road trying to fix a “too steep” problem. Fact is, the fix depends on the root cause. If you are manipulating the club to get to a certain position without fixing the root cause, you end up with problems like clubface wide open. I would suggest posting a video.

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    I agree with @robdalky , consider posting a video. Or better, go back to the same instructor. You may have made an important change, but there may be more steps in the process. Or you may be doing something different from what the instructor intends, you may need to fine-tune the change.

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    If you do a rehearsal where the right elbow drives towards the right hip and your hands are "soft" you should naturally add some right wrist bend/left wrist flexion but if not feeling that would be a good thing. This is exactly what I focus on primarily when focusing on my downswing.

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    Close your stance maybe?

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