One or the other goes; Cameron Tei3 T22 Newport 2 or Buttonback Newport 2 - 34"

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I have two great putters and I am going to keep one. First one to sell goes, the other I am going to keep.

  1. $1000 - Scotty Cameron Newport 2 - Buttonback 34". Bought new old stock, used a three rounds, in like mint condition, but I did sell the head cover. Original grip, and unchanged from stock.
  2. $800 - Scotty Cameron Newport 2 - Tei3 Teryllium T22 34". Picked up yesterday, played one round. As stock with plastic bag/head cover/original condition. As new, just one round in.

Ebay user since 1999 with the same username as here, look me up if needed.

Boom! Roasted.
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