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Altering existing clubs: lie, shaft length, what else?

 RoyalMustang ·  
RoyalMustangRoyalMustang Members  91WRX Points: 32Posts: 91 Fairways
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I want to find a reputable clubfitter nearby as I have never been fit. However, I don't want them to "sell" me new clubs, as I don't need them. For those of you in the consulting world, I have about 100 more effective levers to pull than new clubs; my PE2s are just fine. However, I would like to pay someone to determine my optimal lie, my optimal shaft length, and perhaps other things that could be changed? What are those "other things"? Shafts? Weighting of clubhead?

I assume that clubfitters will do this for a fee? Is there any pressure to buy new clubs? I certainly want to be dialed on my current gear and pay for a stack of lessons before I even consider upgrading.



  • ValtielValtiel Konica-Minolta Bizhub Members  4022WRX Points: 2,028Handicap: 1.7Posts: 4,022 Titanium Tees
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    That can get tricky as the aforementioned "stack of lessons" could very well end up changing what it is you need from a fit. I have used a "club gapping session" at places like PGASS to dial in existing clubs, but for the most part you will only get fairly basic help and you're only well served going in with information to make some calls yourself. This is where the other tricky bit comes in; if you don't have enough of a feel yourself for the "other things" as you mentioned, then you're not going to be well served by trying to do as much in depth fitting as it sounds like you want to. You need to have a pretty dialed in swing and a good sense of what you like and don't like before you can get everything bulletproof, and that takes time.

    You can and should get a the basics dialed in; lie, length, and weight. Everything else like balance point, face angle preferences, offset amount, grip size and composition, shaft weight and bend profile....all those things will take experimenting on your own, ideally through buying and selling used clubs.

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    WITB Thread
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  • mgoblue83mgoblue83 Members  409WRX Points: 207Handicap: 2Posts: 409 Greens
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    Most reputable golf shops will do a "spec check" on your clubs for a fee. The trick is communicating up front about wanting them to delve deep into everything from distance gaps and loft/lie, to shaft length, total weight, swing weight, grip size and grip weight. It's not a quick or cheap process but it would be worth every penny from the right shop.

  • Stuart_GStuart_G New HampshireMembers  25593WRX Points: 1,961Posts: 25,593 Titanium Tees
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    The more important golf club specs that determine a good fit (in my rough order of importance - may vary between different fitters)

    1) playing length

    2) grip size

    3) shaft weight

    4) swing weight

    5) shaft stiffness feel/profile

    6) face angle (driver, woods, and hybrids only)

    7) lie angle (more for irons, less for driver)

    8) loft - optimal distance for driver and distance gaps for irons, hybrids, fairways

    Most of those wont change much with lessons, so no reason to wait or put off getting the fitting. Lie angle and maybe face angle are the most likely to change but irons can be bent when ever they need to be adjusted and face angle can be adjusted by getting a club with adjustable hosel.

  • RoyalMustangRoyalMustang Members  91WRX Points: 32Posts: 91 Fairways
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    Thanks! So, with regards to playing length: I can play long clubs temporarily w/o ill effects by choking down?

  • Stuart_GStuart_G New HampshireMembers  25593WRX Points: 1,961Posts: 25,593 Titanium Tees
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    One downside to choking down is that the grip size will be a bit smaller. But a few extra wraps of tape can be used to compensate.

    The other thing is that the swing weight may need to be adjusted to compensate for the shorter length. But that should be done by feel. Just go to the range and play around with adding lead tape until you get the best feel.

  • RoyalMustangRoyalMustang Members  91WRX Points: 32Posts: 91 Fairways
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