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golfsmith versus golf galaxy versus pga superstore for a new driver

hi im new golfwrx and I am thinking about new driver current driver is tm superfast 2.0 9.5 stock stiff shaft cutdown one inch . I have all three big golf stores near by and would love input on the best service for fitting of a new one ss is107


  • highergr0undhighergr0und Advanced Members Posts: 10,131 ✭✭
    They probably all have the same fitting carts. Most important is to bring your current driver to compare against.
  • displaynamedisplayname Advanced Members Posts: 2,004
    See if you can find info and reviews on the head pro/fitter. If so, go with the most credible one. Also, don't just stroll in and ask to get fit. Not all the floor guys will have as much experience. Be sure to set up a time with the actual head pro/fitter.
  • prestiegeprestiege PING a ling Advanced Members Posts: 2,353
    best return policy is pgatss incase it doesnt work out for you if you go with a stock shaft, custom orders i dont believe are returnable at any of them
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  • Flip4000Flip4000 Never Lays Up.... Zero Fox Given Advanced Members Posts: 882
    edited February 2014

    Golf Galaxy= Target

    PGA super store= Herbergers

    PGA professional club fitter at a golf club with a launch monitor= Neiman Marcus

    Choose accordingly
  • jabrchjabrch Advanced Members Posts: 3,915
    It varies from store to store who they have doing their work and the skill of the fitters.
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