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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Alohajack Alohajack 02/20/2007 Great guy to deal. Thanks! 1t2golf 1t2golf
cmill2112 cmill2112 02/20/2007 Satisfactory transaction GR1NDER GR1NDER
jasonm2089 jasonm2089 02/20/2007 Smooooth transation. Thanks!! drewspin drewspin
drewspin drewspin 02/20/2007 Quick and Easy transaction!!A+!!Great communication jasonm2089 jasonm2089
poloshankey poloshankey 02/20/2007 Helped me out AGAIN!! Couldn't ask for a better FRIEND from THIS forum!! KingKong KingKong
gken74 gken74 02/20/2007 Great communication, very friendly, no problem w/ overseas transaction. pkshooter pkshooter
Dantastic Dantastic 02/20/2007 Super guy to work with!! velandgolf velandgolf
GregMarc5280 GregMarc5280 02/20/2007 A++ guy. Very quick shipping daveh55 daveh55
gth1017 gth1017 02/20/2007 G is a class act and always fun to deal with hanknalex hanknalex
MacBLT MacBLT 02/20/2007 Another great transaction! valveman valveman
Pinggolf04 Pinggolf04 02/20/2007 Lightning fast shipping, item is better than described. Flawless Transaction!! Thanks again!!! TNCass TNCass
hanknalex hanknalex 02/20/2007 Wow! Did it again. Great irons and good b.s. The best! gth1017 gth1017
coco coco 02/20/2007 Amazing transaction and more than willing to help and accomodate me. Have no fear w/ this guy!! KingKong KingKong
akrhino akrhino 02/20/2007 Lightning fast shipping. great clubs. Great Seller!! typhoon typhoon
KingKong KingKong 02/20/2007 Communication was top notch; extremely helpful and fast pay. coco coco
cbm cbm 02/20/2007 fast payment, great communication 2zlinks 2zlinks
ak108 ak108 02/20/2007 Great buyer, fast payment. Would deal with anytime. Thanks. coopizzez coopizzez
poloshankey poloshankey 02/20/2007 Easy to deal with! Item as discribed and fast shipping . baconboy baconboy
1toGolf 1toGolf 02/20/2007 Excellent seller. Great product as described. lbhitter lbhitter
coopizzez coopizzez 02/20/2007 Great seller, product and communicate well. Thanks! ak108 ak108
Parzinski Parzinski 02/20/2007 Great service, great product, hope to deal with again pickerjohn pickerjohn
MCDavis MCDavis 02/20/2007 Great communicator, nice produst, good service pickerjohn pickerjohn
Tutor Matthews Tutor Matthews 02/20/2007 Great communicator, fast Pay, Smooth pickerjohn pickerjohn
drewspin drewspin 02/20/2007 Great seller, communicates well and product is amazing. Thanks! ak108 ak108
pickerjohn pickerjohn 02/20/2007 Great communiciation, Fast Shipment, Genuine Seller, A+++ Tutor Matthews Tutor Matthews
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