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Calloway Maverick MAX vs Ping 410 SFT

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I'm considering buying a new driver this year, maybe sometime after the Coronavirus situation here eases up. Since I have not yet tried either one of these drivers and may not be able to for awhile due to the imposed restrictions in my area, I am asking members who already have knowledge of these two drivers to provide their opinions on their experiences/feelings of them. I definitely want a draw driver so I am not really considering other Calloway and Ping models. Also I have no interest in the SIM driver. I appreciate your responses in advance. Thanks - Ken

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Mavrik Max is a good driver because it's the most forgiving of the Mavrik line and properly fitted still as long as the others. IMO it also sounds better than other Mavrik models, but sound is subjective. The upside it has compared to the SFT is that it can really be made into 2 drivers by switching the weight.


Look up "TXG Mavrik" in Youtube, they call Max the "sleeper" of the season because it can deliver, it just maybe needs some additional weight in the head but that should not be an issue through a proper fitter.


G410 SFT on the other hand is the most draw bias head I have ever seen, if properly fitted it can't fix a slice into a straight flight, you have only 1 option left (take lessons, lol). The 1st time I saw an G410 SFT in action was last spring in the hands of a about 15 hcp club golfer that had hit a slice his whole life and now with a properly fitted Ping driver was shooting low penetrating arrows down the left side of the fairways because he had muscle memory to always aim down the left side of the fw as a right handed golfer. I was so impressed at the flight because I had played with him before and his bargain Cobra driver he had before had only 1 shape in it, a spinney ballooning slice in the right rough or the woods or the hazard.





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Thank you, Hedgehog. I appreciate your input. I am now reviewing Youtube videos on the MAX. I have also been reading a lot of reviews on these two drivers. I know nothing replaces trying them out and being properly fitted when possible, but at this moment in time both seem like really suitable drivers for me. However, I do have a concern that the Ping may have too much draw bias to be consistently controllable. I can't wait to actually hit these drivers.

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Interesting videos on the Maverick

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