Nike Rzn white

calc61calc61 Army Veteran 1980-1984Members Posts: 2,939
Is this ball being phased out? If so what is replacing it? I like this ball and at $29.99 it fits my range.
Haven't played in over 2 years.
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  • bill21bill21 Members Posts: 21
    I was wondering the same thing. At my local Golf Galaxy they don't have any reds or whites.
  • ArpeggiArpeggi Members Posts: 3,686
    I hope not. Great ball especially at 3 dozen for $60 with the current promo
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    I thought I saw Where Nike was releasing the RZN White in their new volt yellow color. So I don't think they are going away.

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  • BoogieThumperBoogieThumper Sweet Jonez Members Posts: 1,376 ✭✭
    I still see these around, I recectly picked up three boxes for the price of two at Golf Mart.
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  • scottazscottaz ClubWRX Posts: 1,916 ClubWRX
    I liked this line from Nike a lot. I just grabbed 10 boxes of the blacks at rock bottom for 29.99 per. They had the Platinum for the same price and reds for 19.99, but no whites.
  • shakeyshakey OvenWRX 1 Members Posts: 5,729 ✭✭
    RZN White should be in the line all year. They released the Volt version in Nov.
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  • JwowzerJwowzer Members Posts: 319
    They are staying. When you get in the time around product releases, you typically see a drop off in supply.
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  • herkyjerkherkyjerk Members Posts: 1,347
    Awww man I just saw this post. I hope not. I was gonna give these a shot as my starter, been researching the **** out of these balls. Love the Cally SS yellow right now but the RZN buzz has me feeling whoreish, and yes I will only change if it's also yellow (or volt). I agree that the White volts seem to be new.
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  • MarkCPAMarkCPA Members Posts: 1,287 ✭✭
    I'm looking for a good "tweener" ball. I want greenside control, but a firm feel doesn't bother me. Could this ball be a possibility?
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  • DaveyGolfDaveyGolf Members Posts: 272
    MarkCPA wrote:

    I'm looking for a good "tweener" ball. I want greenside control, but a firm feel doesn't bother me. Could this ball be a possibility?

    I don't feel the White to be very firm, and the greenside control isn't outstanding. Tee to green, it's a very solid ball. Very durable, too.
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