Heron Point, Hilton Head

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Playing a round there next Friday with a friend for his wedding. Anyone play the course recently? Reviews? Tips?

Any information would be appreciated! Saw the pics of the course on their website and it looks like I'm in for a treat.


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    Heron Point is a decent track. Dye came out a few years ago and changed it up a bit. Actually made the course a little easier than it was when it was called the Marsh. Widened the fairways, flattened the greens, took out a lot of the trouble, etc.

    It's a fun course to play and it's generally in good condition.

    If you can get out on it's sister course, the Ocean, I would recommend it as well.

    Have fun!
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    Played there a couple years back some nice holes good fair course. If your tee game is good the course is pretty easy.
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    Got a tee time for Heron on Friday morning, and trying to get on the Ocean course Thursday afternoon. Was really trying to get on Harbor Town but it's closed due to construction. Looking forward to these two courses!

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    Hope you have a great time.

    Just an FYI though..........Check on course conditions!! I think they did a thin layer of sand on the greens of one of the courses recently - either Heron or Ocean. You may want to ask them about that.

    I was just at the new Harbour Town clubhouse today. Place is fantastic. I was working in Sea Pines today and I used to go to the old Clubhouse for lunch sometimes (great food). Talked to the guys in the Pro Shop and they said they were getting ready to re-open Harbour Town at the end of the month. Said it was in terrific condition but wasn't quite ready yet.

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