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    I'm looking forward to trying the e5+ as soon as I have the time to start playing golf again. I read the magazine reviews and was surprised to see the excessive spin rate for the e5+ so I am curious. If I can get a $25 a dozen ball to check up consistently like a Pro V1 I'm going to have to change my short game philosophy. image/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    I have no idea what spin rate ball I should be using off the tee with driver because I haven't been tested at my local pro-shop driving range facility using the state of the art monitors, etc. I think that's the best way to determine ball choice, but it's fun to read the user reviews here, nevertheless.

    Until then, I use whatever is handy which are $19 dozen balls that almost always run out which is what I expect to happen when I play a short game shot anyway. Shoot, if the ball starts to check up on me, I'm screwed. image/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':(' />
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    The e5+really does spin that much more than the original e5. For the price, you'll be hard pressed to find a budget ball that will perform the same.
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    Thanks for everyone's input on these two Bridgestone golf balls. I decided to go with the e5+ and bought a dozen last night. I'll get a chance to play 9 holes with them tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I'll try to put up my thoughts after next Wednesday.

    Again, thanks for all your help.

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    Those that have cited the increase in spin that the e5+ has,...can you comment on whether or not you also noticed the same increased spin on drives?

    Part of the reason I never considered the e5 over the e6 is because I hit the ball plenty high the way it is. But I want my drives to go straight. I'd like to know if this exceptional greenside spin of the e5+ comes at the cost of having looser drives.
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    What I love about the e6 is that it feels like a soft premium ball. As soft as it feels off of the irons you would expect it to spin a bit more than it does. But I was referring to spin from say 6 iron on up. With shorter clubs, the ball will stop and hop 95+% of the time for me. I have spun a few back but not very often, nor do I really want it too. If the e6+ gives me the same distance and feel with a bit more spin than the original I will be all over this ball.
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    This is a really good ball, I did have an issue with it last year in that the ball didn't seem to hold up real well.  IT was able to get "cut" pretty easy.  But my understanding from our Bridgstone rep is that is one of the improvments in the + version... a more durable cover.

    Great ball!!
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