Taking my first trip to Bandon first week of November

I’ve been wanting to make this trip for quite some time and we finally put it together. We have 16 guys going. Only downside is the date that worked best for everyone is the first weekend in November. Has anyone on this board made a trip out there this late in the year? I’m expecting a wide variety of weather (cold, rain, wind). If you’ve been out there when it’s this cold what was your opinion? Any tips on things to bring outside of the obvious?


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    I was there first week of November last year and had beautiful weather. Plus still plenty of time to play 36 or more each day. And with those price drops from October to November it’s a great time.

    Have also been end of November twice and had a mix of weather. When it’s rainy and cold you need good rain gear and shoes. I always have the rain gloves nearby.

    My not obvious tip for anytime of the year is to have ziplock bags for your cellphone and cash. Even a waterproof bag doesn’t keep some of the Bandon downpours at bay.

    How many days are you guys going? How many rounds? Assuming you’re playing all four courses make sure you also have time for the punch bowl and preserve. Especially with groups those can be the highlight of the trip; so much fun and everyone is near by.
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    We are going the 7th through the 11th so we will narrowly miss daylight savings time. We are playing 4 days and the one day that we have an early tee time we are going to play the short course. It was tough getting an early tee time since we needed 4 consecutive tee times. I’m definitely going to upgrade my rain gear beforehand. Good idea on the ziploc bags!
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    Prepare for any and all types of weather.

    Suggest at least two sets of rain gear.

    You can send out your external rain gear to be dried by the resort but most times you not get them back in time for a second round in the day.

    Gore-tex is my favorite fabric for rain gear and since I live in Vancouver unfortunately we are experts in rain.

    The reason for all the rain gear and the use of zip lock bags even with a rain proof golf bag is the fact the rain will actually come down side ways there.

    I have a set of Zero Restriction and Galvin Green rain gear. During the rainiest days neither kept me 100% dry. The water will find its way down the collar and up between the jacket and the pants.

    One day it was so windy you had to lay down the golf bags because if you stand them up the wind will blow them down. Same for the push carts.

    Don't worry about carrying an umbrella ........ will not last one second in the wind.

    Don't forget to bring shorts.

    Even with all the rain the course will remain playable because it is situated on top of sand dunes that is miles deep.
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