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Confessions of a club ho: Take my beautiful mallets. Also YORO MP5s and Vokey 46*

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Dear GolfWRX

Like many of you, I am a golf club degenerate. You'd think, after years of repeating the same behavior, that I'd learn. I don't putt well with mallets. I'm a blade guy. But once a year, like clockwork, I go -- "Hey Zack, I know you've gamed a blade for your entire golfing life but maybe if you got a sweet little mallet with some toe hang, you'll have a putting revelation."

This happens every year. Last year, I bought a sick Toulon. This year, I bought a fancy Scotty. It took me exactly one round with each to go "nope, no way, blade stays in the bag."

Learn from my mistakes. Don't be like Zack. Instead -- buy his awesome putters!

  1. Toulon Garage Portland
    35" 69* 3* Rose Gold. Naked. Pingman. Mint.
  2. Cameron Phantom X 8.5
    35" 69* 3* Pistolini. Mint.

Also I definitely don't need 4 sets of irons -- so please take this amazing set of Yoro Crafted MP5s with square toes off my hands.

Yoro Crafted MP 5 (6-PW) and MP 55 (4 and 5) combo set
Square Toes
Less Offset
Terrific Shape
X100s (TI in the 5s, standard in the 55s) +1/2"
1* flat
Lamkin UTx + 2 wraps

I also have this little GEM of a pitching wedge that I've never gamed, it just has been sitting in my spare bag in my closet developing a nice patina. Someone should use it.

SM6 Vokey Hand Ground
46.08 Raw, slight grind to square up the toe



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    Can totally relate.. I did the same thing last year and same thing this year. Neither went longer than 9 holes. Just say no to mallets.. GLWS!


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    We all are blind to the club ho disease 😷

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    Cameron is gone, rest still available!

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