My rusty swing

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So I've been trying to get back into the game and have played decent the last two times I've played. But I can't for the life of me, get my dang lower body to rotate through the swing. Watch some gg videos and cannot get any of them to click. Since I have no lower body rotation on the follow through my miss is either a push right or I pull it. Show a 74 last time I played and didn't have the greatest ball striking. Any tips or drills to get my lower body rotating would be much appreciated. Feel free to critique.

Driver & Pw or 9 iron can't remember.

***PS, sorry if the quality is trash, if any of you have a better way to upload video from mobile phone, please let me know.**""



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    Not a pro, but for what it's worth: I think you do rotate, but lose a lot of power because of some early extension. The start of your DS is good, even a little squad, but try to maintain that hip angle through impact. It will automatically connect lower and upper body and facilitate the rotation by making room for your hands.

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    Little bit of an update..

    Watched 3 hrs of youtube videos last night & tried to get a little shallower with more hip turn on the down swing. Recorded about 10 different swings and none looked any better lol. to love it.

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    I can assure you that you are concerned about something of no consequence. Your hips are rotating just fine and they are obeying the movement of their BOSS (HANDS and ARMS ) as they are being PULLED around your torso. You have a very capable swing that takes less than one ( 1 ) second to perform. Plus - the DS only takes up 2/10 seconds of that approx. one second . Since we know it is factual that the Human brain can only sort out and perform one ( 1 ) task in 2/10 seconds I would suggest that one thought should be focused on the most important part of the Human structure and the ONLY part attached / connected to the implement used for the task. The HANDS.

    Next time you throw a football , baseball or a rock ask yourself if you were thinking about your HIPS ? For that matter- your legs , feet , toes, ankles , nose , etc; or anything else but your HANDS?

    The human body will ALWAYS obey the commands of their external brains ( the HANDS ) . The brain sends signals / commands to the HANDS with instruction on how to carry out task. Most are recorded in our subconscious for future use. However, golf swing is NOT in our subconscious. It is a learned task and a very difficult one at that. One that you have learned very well to have become a good player. Not to much to change in your swing !

    If you want to improve ( and we all do ) I would suggest you focus on the key to a great swing - control of the HANDS !

    Good luck,



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