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Maybe I'm losing my mind...but I swear the "Mark this forum as read" was at the top of the threads and now it's all the way at the bottom?

If this was a feature "improvement", I vote that it be returned to the top of the threads. Many times there are only four or five threads to read and now I have to scroll to the bottom to mark the rest "read".

If nothing has changed and I've simply lost my mind, well then, carry on. image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />


  • smackygolfsmackygolf Banned Posts: 1,501
    I came here looking for an answer to the exact same question. Whatever you did with it, put it back!
  • lander215lander215 Banned Posts: 1,156
    Yeah, it's not me. Same problem from my home computer. Now when I only have a few threads at the top of the list that I want to read, I have to scroll all the way down, mark as read, then scroll all the way back up.

    I know this is pit nicking....but it was way better before because there was no scrolling.
  • GxgolferGxgolfer Site Founder & Co-Owner SF Bay Area, CARules Official, Administrator Posts: 26,553 admin
    If you click on the forum icon, it will mark it as read as well.
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