Srixon URS vs. ProV1

dudedude Members Posts: 75
Driver and iron distance
How do these compare? I have played with the urs's on the greens chipping and putting, but have no put one in play yet. Wondering they compare to the ProV1 as far as distance and flight?



  • PurePursuit PurePursuit Members Posts: 2,237
    That is a very player specific questions. I found them to be VERY close.
  • dudedude Members Posts: 75
    Anybody else, play both balls? I know it is player specific. I get my prov1 out from 280-290.
  • indyslongestindyslongest Members Posts: 77
    they're really similar. i'm a little longer with the URS. but that's just me. I had a little more spin around the greens with the Pro-V1 and a little lower ball flight. It's a very subtle difference though. I play them both.(we get free pro-v1s for high school matches, but i get srixons for cheap so i play them outside of matches) o and the srixons don't scuff as quickly
  • rbmercerrbmercer rbmercer Members Posts: 653 ✭✭✭✭✭
    URS is a great ball.... a little longer and slightly lower ball flight for me....Pro V1 spins a little more around green...just my experience...I have played both a lot
  • bloodredsunbloodredsun Charter Members Posts: 1,831 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    As above: the Z-URS is slightly longer but spins slightly less. It is a HUGE amount more durable though. A Z-URS can last a couple of rounds while the ProV1 looks shredded after about 6 holes.
  • HEMIPHILHEMIPHIL Members Posts: 1,307
    The Srixon Z-URS is a great ball. As already stated, it 's characteristics are very close to the Pro V1. I came from gaming Pro V1X's (preferred the Pro V1X over the Pro V1), and every now & then I'll pick up a sleeve Pro V1X's to game for a couple rounds. I find them quite similar, and I have no issues at all going back & forth between the 2. Been gaming the Srixon Z-URS since the start of the '07 season. All around great perfomer.

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