2010 Cleveland/Srixon

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    Richard - did you get to hit the new CG1 Tour combo set? How did they feel/perform? What are they comparable to?
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    And how much will they be? image/wink.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />
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    Wow.. Cleveland has to be the looks improvement of the year in irons!!! Those CG's are sick looking especially the CB's

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    Really like the look of the irons, CB style reminds me of CG2's.

    But more importantly, Please get more pictures of Stina!

    I know I can't be the only one who likes her look.

    That's a set of sticks I would play with!
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    I don't know how Srixon clubs aren't more popular. This year's models are gorgeous. I'm already a huge fan of the DST series. I would love to hit the new CG1's and those CG7 Tours. All of the Srixon stuff looks great and I think I am going to look at the driver, hybrid and ZTX irons that were pictured there.

    P.S. Were the pictures with the hot blonde in them of here or of someone else important that I just don't recognize? Haha.
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    ChxDigLongBall wrote on 28 January 2010 - 12:23 AM:

    P.S. Were the pictures with the hot blonde in them of here or of someone else important that I just don't recognize? Haha.

    Looks like Sternberg from the Golf Channel.
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    No words to describe them...

    I hope they remain cheaper as all other cleveland irons. Anyone knows retail prices and the standard shafts?

    Did you hit the CG1TOUR and the ZTX? Differences?

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    See any of the Classic BRZ Bronze series putters around?
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    It's good to see they've gone back to a more traditional look with the cg1s. i play the cg2s. still love them.
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    Cleveland's 2009 iron trade in promotion effected to get guys to try this stuff worked on me. In 35+ years of playing maybe 20 sets of top line irons never was Cleveland in the mix aside from wedges. Being a ironoholic I "preplanned " my annual 2010 change by gertting the CG7 Tours in june a week after promo came out. I was going to wait untill mid year to see maybe both 2010 and 2011 lineup but after seeing and demoing the CG7 Black Pearl non tours of few times I can,t wait. I know many will focus on Cleveland's new blades,blade cb combo , and CG7 Tours which will suit many games. That said the cg7 is a very interesting stick in that it's forgiving as any GI yet isn,t overly offset. wide soled,or shovel like profile. The Black Pearl finish is the icing on the cake. From a guy thats last couple iron sets have been AP2s,R7tps,XTours,CG 7 Tours,etc etc many might want to at least give them a try. I really think between finally getting tired of iron buying and looking for "the sticks" I might of found something to hold on to. Hopefully these and trusty i5s with s300s alternates there all I want. Great pics by the way,thanks.
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    Who's the big wig that makes the "hot blonde" stand on the back of the cart while riding shot gun?
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    I was wondering the same thing dawn
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    Wow, everything looks good to me. Cleveland making a statement!
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