Most comfortable golf shoes

for walkers
I currently have adidas Z Traxion 3-Stripe and they are great shoes







when riding a cart image/cool.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' /> but for walking, I give them 5 out of 10... They just don't have enough sole support for walkers.

I played 3 rounds of golf yesterday (started 6:30 am and lasted until 8 pm), and I walked all 3 rounds... and my feets are killing me right now. have a slight burning sensation from all the repeated pounding of 160lbs + golf bag full of clubs image/cray.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':crazy2:' />

I am wondering if there are avid walkers like me and what shoes you guys are wearing... does your feet hurt after 2 straight rounds? I am looking for sheos that won't hurt my feet after 2 straight rounds of golf.


  • leekgolfleekgolf Members Posts: 1,171
    I use ECCOs and they mold to the foot. Best shoes I've ever had. When I wear my Foot Joys or Adidas, I realize how great the ECCOs are!
  • buffettman20buffettman20 Members Posts: 62
    I personally don't think that you can beat 360's or TW SP7's to walk in.
  • ProHackerProHacker Members Posts: 54
    sp7 TWs are probably jsut as comfortable as my Adidas 360's but costs less than half the price on ebay. You should try em out!
  • mljones99mljones99 Members Posts: 1,842 ✭✭
    Adidas Tour 360
  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Guests Posts: 0
    Take a look at the Hi-Tec shoes. AWESOME!!!! Comfortable, great traction, flexability, directional spikes

  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Guests Posts: 0
    Take a look at the Hi-Tec shoes. AWESOME!!!! Comfortable, great traction, flexability, directional spikes

  • spk74spk74 Members Posts: 464
    This probably does not not apply to you, and it only interested me because I have oddly shaped feet. But TGC recently showed a fitness academy that talked about golf shoes...and Footjoy explained how each of their shoes is created around a "Last"...which is a mold of a certain foot type. I have been wearing FootJoy Dry I.C.E.'s for about 5 years now...but I have a wide forefoot and high instep. the most popular shoes are not made for that type of foot. I went out and bought a pair of FootJoy Contours (similar to Ecco's, but available in extra-wide-widths)...and my feet feel so much better after walking 18. I might be able to make it 36.
  • cpa49707cpa49707 ClubWRX Posts: 1,573
    I just purchased a new pair of Etonics and they are the most comfortable shoe that I have ever had the pleasure of wearing on the golf course.
  • magee99magee99 My little Boy - Nathaniel Lincoln - Born 9/26/2006 Members Posts: 800
    I have founds that my tour 360s are very comfortable as well.

    The FJ Contours are incredibly comfortable. Whenever somebody comes into the store that I work at that is usually the first shoe that I ponit them towards. A comfy shoe, many colour option and a great price!!
  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Guests Posts: 0
    I have 10 pairs of golf shoes, without a doubt "ECCO" is the best walking golf shoe made.
  • Sam-Tee-TimeSam-Tee-Time Members Posts: 1,444 ✭✭
    More + feedbackfor ECCO. I used to feel strongly about Nike shoes were the most comfy I've worn, but ever since scoring that deal on Eccos (Thanks ProImageGolf!) earlier this year, I'm hooked. I wear Eccos for work, and now for golf as well. Great mitts.
  • r_master78r_master78 Members Posts: 69
    Thanks for the replies. My feet are still hurting and I have tee times booked for sat, sun, and mon... I think I am going to ride a cart this weekend until my feet feels a bit better... or just take lots of pain killers image/crazy.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />

    back to the topic... How are those shoes that you are recommanding compared to other shoes... are they more comfortable than... let's say compared to basketball shoes.. like nike jordans? The reason why I am asking this is because I can play basketball for about 4 hours (with a few breaks here and there) with those shoes and my feets are perfectly fine.
  • rama5rama5 Posts: 383 ✭✭
    Don't forget to give Oakley a try, very comfortable. I put my adidas in the closet after wearing Oakley
  • phillypetephillypete Posts: 1,447
    rama5 wrote on May 26 2006, 06:02 PM:

    Don't forget to give Oakley a try, very comfortable. I put my adidas in the closet after wearing Oakley

    I second Oakley!

    I have had the bowties for three years and they are still holding up. Not only are the holding up but the waterproofing is still solid, I know because I got stuck in a down pour today!

    It is also interesting that I see a lot of top pro's wearing the bowties on TGC. I also noticed Dave Pelz was wearing them at the Masters this year.

    We all know the attention to detail and quality they put in their eyewear, and it is obviously that they also put it into their footwear.
  • pmas93pmas93 Members Posts: 479
    I visited a shoe store today and saw golf shoes made by Dr. Scholl's. There were $39 so I figured I would try them on and see what they felt like. I was amazed at how they felt. They are leather and at $39 I figured I would give them a try. I have always had feet problems and I'm very picky about my shoes. Has anyone else ever seen or tried the Dr. Scholl's brand golf shoes?
  • elnino82elnino82 Members Posts: 76
    Nike Shox is the most comfortable golf shoe I ever tried but your feet will still hurt after two straight rounds of golf no matter what shoes you're wearing.
  • JDZGOLFJDZGOLF Lefty Boomers Posts: 5
    I own both the footjoy classics dry premiere and the ecco saddle gtx...the eccos blow away the footjoys, they mold to your feet and you totally forget that you are wearing them, they never become an issue. The downside is that they are pricey, $200-$400 a pair depending on what style you go with, but i think that they are worth it, especially if you are walking a lot.
  • pitchmaster1224pitchmaster1224 tour fittings since 1893 Members Posts: 1,251
    I have been meaning to try ECCO's for quite some time now, and eventually I will! I can tell you the Nike TW SP-7 & SP-7.5's are very comfortable to walk in, just ask Tiger and other Nike staff players! By the way, it seemed like last yeat Tiger wore his TW shirts, pants, shoes, etc. as usual, but all the other Nike players were wearing just the nike line of clothing and shoes. This year, however, I have noticed the Nike staffers wearing TW shirts and shoes. Was there some contract last year that only allowed Tiger to wear his line and no one else, but not this yr.?
  • Stuy PeglegStuy Pegleg Hmmm Posts: 140
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    Second on the Shox.

    Foot hurt a bit on the first day when I played just 9 holes on Sat.

    Felt great for 18 holes in morning and the 9 holes in the evening on Sunday. No pain in foot area after 1.5 rounds.

    Feet still felt great on Monday after 18 holes.

    Other than breaking it in on Sat, no pain after playing 45 holes on Sunday and Monday. All walking.

    In contrast, during the previous week, I played 27 holes (over Sat and Mon) with my circa 2000 Nike TW capped toe air golf shoes and my feet and lower leg felt bad....and 18 holes on Mon. was with a power cart.

    some people have commented on the height and the cushioning of the shox affecting swing...but no problem for me.
  • Tyler_fitzgeraldTyler_fitzgerald Members Posts: 18
    I use to be an avid Footjoy fan until I tried the Ecco GTX saddle... lets just say that all my shoes are now Ecco's, that is, work,casual and golf shoes. You would be image/crazy2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':cheesy:' /> not to try them.

    They were the best pruchase I've made in shoes in a long time.
  • dmboakdmboak Members Posts: 1,095
    Tour 360s. Possible the most comfortable golf shoe ever!
  • I'll be honest....they are quite inexpensive, but I have worn Footjoy Greenjoys for two years now, and they feel great. They have held up well to golf 1 time a week, and my feet don't sweat in them so badly.

    Then again, I don't spend a lot of $$$$ on golf equipment.
  • chas1puttchas1putt Members Posts: 22
    Loved my ecco's........ then tried tour 360's.... they are "butter"... like walking on pillows, but with support.


    P.S. I walk 98% of the time, even in hot weather
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