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6-7 inch putter extension needed


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I haven’t seen a Stability shaft in person but, I have seen other, graphite, putter shafts.  If the Stability has comparably thick walls, I don’t believe there is a commercial extension that will fit.  You’ll most likely have to cobble one together yourself.  I see two, relatively easy solutions.  One-5/8” oak doweling.  That should fit the o.d. of the Stability shaft pretty well.  Then have about 3” on the end turned down to fit the i.d.  If the walls are exceptionally thick, the turned down end may not be strong enough.  Even though putters are not under much stress.  In that event, a steel rod of the proper diameter to fit the i.d. can be used.  A 6” length would give 3” of insertion, leaving 3” to anchor the extension.  Again, 5/8” oak doweling with a hole bored to accept the anchor rod should be more than adequate for your purposes.

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Please post a video of your swing so we can all recommend lessons instead of this modification, jk. I have a cut end of stability shaft and checked this. If you insert a stepped steel shaft into the stability, at 6 inches above joint, the steel OD is still less than stability OD.  You then have opportunity to build steel OD with tape to match/flush with stability OD. Some don’t like the steel/graphite union with epoxy, but it’s a putter. Not much force going on. Just abrade the steel heavily at steel tip and it’ll be fine. Stand on steel end after epoxy application so it runs back to joint. That’s how I’d do it.



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Use an old worthless graphite shaft.  Dry fit to find where the OD of the extension fits the ID of the Stability Shaft and cut the extension so just 4" will be bonded inside the Stability Shaft.  Once the epoxy has set, cut to length, then use masking tape to build up the continuous OD of the extension to match the Stability Shaft.  You can eye-ball the masking tape for the OD, or use digital calipers to get precise measurements. 

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