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Black Max or the e6?
I've got a great offer on these 2 balls and can't really decide which one to choose image/dntknw.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' /> . I'm playing around a 4-8 hcp.

I've tried to read as much as possible about the two balls, and I've tested the Black Max which I found very similar to the old Rev Tour I used to play. I guess I find Black Max a bit shorter than most other balls (Pro V1 for instance) but it has a nice feel. I haven't had a chace to test e6 but I've read mostly good stuff about it and that it reduces side spin of the driver but lacks a bit spin around the green.

Any one has a comment on this to help me choose the right ball?



  •  SwooshLT SwooshLT Members Posts: 7,062 ✭✭
    Here in the States the BlackMax has discontinued for 3 yrs now............. the E6+ is a very solid,soft low spin ball.
  • BEND OF THE RIVER GCBEND OF THE RIVER GC Charter Members Posts: 6,559
    The Black Max is probably a better ball if you can still get them new. With your handicap, the e6+ may NOT spin enough for you.....
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    May want to try the E5+ it spins more.

    IN either case make sure to get the E5+/E6+ ans not the E5/E6
  • kemaukemau Members Posts: 5,148
    the black max has for a long time been on offer for $13.99 at golfsmith......they are now $10.97. they have practice on it but that's hardly a distraction. i picked up 4 dozen last night with free shipping
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  • cloudlxcloudlx Members Posts: 1,031
    loved the e5, if you could get the same deal on those I would go in that direction
  • billybaroobillybaroo Cold and snowy MassachusettsMembers Posts: 1,221 ✭✭
    I'm a happy e6 user and have some e6+ ready to go when spring arrives.

    IME they feel like a soft ball but roll out like a distance ball on certain shots. I hit the ball high and I don't have pinpoint distance control, so the roll out isn't a factor to my game. I tend to play a lot of bump and run shots if the situation warrants. For me the e6 works.

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    i cant find the blackmax on golfsmith!!! image/no2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' /> but they've got my vote!

    false alarm, i found them and am now placing an order for 5 doz to start! many thanks!!!
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