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Four years ago I got a promotion, instead of buying a watch I splurged on the full deal, fitted and custom built. The driver that I got out of that deal was a KZG-GFX with the Element Earth shaft. I have loved that driver, but starting last fall and continuing through yesterday, my distance has really reduced. I will readily admit that I am not as physically strong or as flexible as I was four years ago, but I would love to lay some of the blame on the club, but I'm not sure that makes much sense.

I can tell by reading this forum that most of you are way more equipment savvy than I am. From what I have read, it seems unlikely that I have hit the thing enough to even approach the limits of failure on the club head. Is it likely as I turn 50 that the shaft is a bad match? I'm guessing that the answer is that I should be re-fitted after four years, but I would love to hear some of you equipment gurus thoughts.




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    If the clubhead has failed, there should be some visible evidence. I hope the driver is broken because that is an easier fix than declining SS. A re-fit would be a good place to start.
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    You're not getting the equipment to the ball like you used to. It happens. It can happen from day to day. Like the poster above said, you would see some physical evidence of failure. If you can, take your club down to a fitting bay and get some impact tape and see where on the face you're hitting and what kind of numbers you're getting. The more you're in the bay, you may loosen up and get some of the quality striking back.
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    I was suffering so bad from new driver fever that I overlooked the obvious first step...turns out that 15 minutes with the local pro mysteriously solved the metal fatigue that I was sure had inflicted my driver.

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    A good sports physio has helped me regain some flexibility and improved clubhead speed.
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    Father Time has a way of catching us all-- I am now 60 and a big strong guy for my age still my SS has slowed--- I hit stiff shafts for years--- Look at some of my old WITB posts 4 years ago I was still hitting the old UST Pro Force Gold 65 Stiff shafts in all my fairways. I was hitting a rare stiff Creation Tour Shaft in my driver. I was also hitting the old Brunswick 7.0s in my irons. Gradually all of that got too stiff for me and gradually I started swinging out of my shoes to compensate. I ended up switching to regular flex shafts in everything. I know I had a hard time accepting the facts but there they were. I am not a big Trackman guy but over two rainy Saturdays a friend of mine showed me the facts on his Trackman. The pics and stats did not lie. I had to switch flexes.
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    I hear you Big Stu, I got on a launch monitor this past weekend and the club fitter put me in a regular shaft and even dialed in a draw bias. Hard pill to swallow for a guy who used to use an x-stiff shaft and fought a hook. I mean I sucked at golf then even more than I do now, but my drives were clearing the OB fences at impressive heights. I will soon be adding a Callaway driver into my bag of KZG, Epon and Miura it will look like an odd duck but it sure felt pretty hitting it, I think golfers understand felt pretty.
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    I understand Michael. Hope the new one works well for ya. image/hi.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':hi:' />
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    The OP's post brings back a weird memory. A few years back I had a Titleist Driver (do not remember which model) with a Grafalloy red shaft which I hit straight & long I really liked that club. Then one day it just went dead, lost yardage and felt like I was hitting a block of wood. The club pro and others looked it over and declared nothing wrong, must be the users's swing. One afternoon, playing a match, i teed it up, swung, hit the ball and something whacked me in the back of the head, hard. The shaft had broken about 6 inches up from the hosel, and kept the head attached by a thread of material. All along, it was the shaft that was going. T

    Caveat: I'm not a club thrower/banger, so no damage caused by anything other than my standard swing/chop

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