Buying Ping ZZ lite shafts

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Is there somewhere I can get a couple ZZ lite replacement shafts? I just got a set of eye 2 irons and the 5 and 7 have different shafts.


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    You likely are out of luck and unless you can find some on eBay by buying some clubs and taking the shafts. You can no longer get them from Ping. The closest they have is the Z-Z65.
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    ZZ-Lites are gonzo. Sorry for the bad news.

    I even went through a good contact at TT and they didnt have any.
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    I have a full set of ZZ Lite shafts, 3-W. PM sent.
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    Buy a set of Eye2’s. They can be had for less than $100 often times. Probably could find single irons with the right shaft as well

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    The TT lite stiff were suppose to be the closest replacement. There seem to be quite a few out there still.

    The only problem with pulling some from a set of eye 2's is that they would be quite old and may have internal corrosion.
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