Ping Eye 2 Lob Wedge ID Help.

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So, I picked up a set of Ping Eye 2’s 4-PW, SW for quite the good price.... I figured I’d round out the set with a Lob Wedge and found a great deal on one locally (it only cost me $12). Anyway, long story short, it appears to be a replacement club? I’m not sure.... I’m definitely no expert. So, the question is, what grooves does this one have?


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    I believe the raised dot on the back above the "U.S." signifies the newer grooves like the Eye2 Plus models.

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    But, it’ll still have the loft of the Original Eye 2 LW? It definitely looks like a 61 degree wedge.

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    I'd have the loft measured. That club is OLD and you can't be assured of any particular numbers based on published specs.

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    Good call, I will get it checked.

    @Nessism said:
    I'd have the loft measured. That club is OLD and you can't be assured of any particular numbers based on published specs.

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    Just call Ping/give them the serial number and they will be able to tell you what grooves it has for sure. The sole is definitely that of the original version and the loft should be 61 degrees unless it was bent. I would also say that it looks like this club may have been refinished. The black paintfill in PING EYE2 in the cavity did not exist until the XG/Gorge models.

    Below is some info that was posted before about the grooves.

    • "V" groove models manufactured from 1982 through Summer 1984, identified by PAT. PENDING in cavity and KARSTEN MFG CORP PHOENIX AZ 85068 U.S.A. upside-down on back of top rail.
    • Eye2 Lite models introduced in 1984, identified by PAT. PENDING in cavity and KARSTEN PHOENIX AZ 85068 U.S.A. right-side-up on back of top rail.
    • "U" groove models manufactured from Fall 1984 to Fall 1985, identified by U.S. PAT. D276644 OTHERS PEND. in cavity.
    • Radiused "U" groove models manufactured from Fall 1985 to March, 1990, identified by U.S. PAT. D276644 and 4.512.577 in cavity.
    • Modified "U" groove models manufactured after April, 1990 identifed by dot beneath patent numbers in cavity.
    • "New EYE2" models with reshaped soles, increased perimeter weighting, less bounce in wedges, and stronger lofts than the original EYE2 were first introduced in November of 1989. Identified by U.S. Pat. 4.512.577 and 4.621.813 in cavity, club heads produced before March 31, 1990 had no "+" in the cavity.
    • In April of 1990, a "+" was added to the cavity, and this model became the EYE2+.

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    Okay, so I called PING and got the info on my Eye 2 LW. He said it was originally part of a 3 Wedge Set (W, PW, SW) and that it was a specialty build for the “Tour”.... This would explain the black paint fill. The grooves match those of the PING i3 Wedges. It was originally lofted at 60 degrees. I asked for a date of manufacture, but he couldn’t supply me with that and said that the last update on the Serial Number was in 2002. I would assume they were made after the i3’s were released in 1999, right? I have a set of i3’s and quite like them. 👍🏻

    Thanks for your help everyone!!

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    I’d ID that wedge as one **** of a score then! Enjoy it!

  • Raj70Raj70 Members Posts: 21 ✭✭

    @BunkerFinder said:
    I’d ID that wedge as one **** of a score then! Enjoy it!

    Will do! It’s an interesting piece, for sure.

  • Raj70Raj70 Members Posts: 21 ✭✭

    Well, I just found the matching 56 degree SW with the same serial number... It’s on the way here. I’m pretty surprised. I got them both from 2nd Swing, but the 60 was purchased locally in MD and the SW was purchased online from their AZ Location.

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