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golfing with-out drinking

 nib ·  
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I plan to quit drinking- wondering about the shakes and golf if they will go away



  • myspinonitmyspinonit Members  3008WRX Points: 214Posts: 3,008 Titanium Tees
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    If this is a serious post, and you are worried about the shakes, that I will presumee is a high alcohol intake, perhaps you should consult a physician as I understand total sudden w/d can have issues. I respectfully think golf yips etc. are a secondary consideration.


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    If you are worried about the shakes, I suggest getting help. I’m not being snarky or sarcastic in any way.

    I drink far more than I should, more than the average person, and I’ve never come close to having the shakes. There has been times I thought I might need help.

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    Thanks for your post.

  • MyherobobhopeMyherobobhope hey there, blimpy boy. Flying through the sky so fancy free. Members  3278WRX Points: 870Handicap: 6Posts: 3,278 Titanium Tees
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    On -, @nib said:

    Thanks for your post.

    Hey, check out the subreddit
    Great support group and helps to have a place to check in daily. Good luck!


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  • skygod987skygod987 Northern IllinoisMembers  77WRX Points: 61Handicap: 8.1Posts: 77 Fairways
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    They will go away, the key is keeping them away. It’s worth it, keep your chin up.

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  • BirdyjuiceBirdyjuice Granbury, TxMembers  76WRX Points: 65Handicap: 11Posts: 76 Fairways
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    On -, @aenemated said:

    Recovering alcoholic here.

    Tremors are normal after long term alcohol abuse. I remember days I couldn't even sign my name, let alone try to hold a golf club. I remember times I couldn't drink a glass of water without holding it with both hands and slowly bringing it up to sip.

    Honestly, this wasn't even the worst part of drying out.

    So yeah, if you're to the point you just think you have a problem - you not only have a problem, you have a severe problem. I recommend going to your doctor and being 100% honest about how much you drink. Lying to them - and yeah, I did it - is pointless. They're not there to judge you.

    The good news is - it does get better. But it takes time. And in that time, you're gonna want nothing more than just a sip of booze. But if you're to the point I was; you know it won't stop with just a sip. So don't do it.

    Good luck, friend.

    Solid work here all around!

  • greenj20greenj20 Grosse Pointe Farms, MIMembers  81WRX Points: 24Handicap: 18.2Posts: 81 Fairways
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    Good luck. Stay healthy!

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    Recovering alcoholic here also

    Been playing/living sober for many years. The 1/2 way house I lived in at 35 had a golf group, had to be sober a month to be invited. Eventually looked forward to playing with those guys. I’m sure (if you’re anything like myself and friends) golf should not be the priority right now. When the pain of getting sober is less than the pain drinking is when most of us have a chance. I wish I would have quit when the shakes and seizures started.
    The good news is you can find guys in any city that don’t drink and play golf. There has been many times people think my group has been drinking, after all we’re just drunks that aren’t drinking. We stoped drinking, we didn’t stop having fun!
    I hope you are doing better, drinking is only a problem if it causes problems. (-:

  • BeerPerHoleBeerPerHole Members  1648WRX Points: 496Posts: 1,648 Platinum Tees
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    Wow, the shakes? I had a alcoholic buddy in college who'd get them. Sorry to hear this might be an issue. The guys I play with in my Saturday group all play dry. I usually have a beer at the turn or bring my flask of Maker's. I play better with one drink or two. Seems to help me relax and focus. Good luck in this transition...

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    Puff a little weed if you need to mind alter, alcohol is poison, and a life wrecker.

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  • birdie30birdie30 Members  34WRX Points: 26Posts: 34 Bunkers
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    Good luck man!! If you have the shakes, definitely stop drinking

  • costarichiecostarichie Members  19WRX Points: 7Posts: 19 Bunkers
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    Hi, I just wanted to say that like posted above, go to see a doctor. They can give you drugs that will make the detox much much easier. If your condition is serious enough the detox programs will also make it much easier. The good news is that in a week you will feel better, just got to get through it. Good luck brother.


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