getting into long-drive.... how much can i gain with equip/training

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curious for insight from those who have competed in long-drive in the past or gotten into it recently... i live in SLC and they have a local qualifier for WLD this year.

How much clubhead speed did you gain by honing in your equipment and physical training? I've included my stats below, but before dropping $500 on a club/fitting and a swingspeed set and completely changing my workout regimen, I wanted to see what other people had experienced.

On a simulator I have access to:

  • ~120 clubhead speed with a driver (titleist 917 D2, XS shaft, 75g)
  • ~330 carry on said sim... don't have ballspeed / smash factor stats
  • 12-13* launch angle

About me:

  • 31 yrs, 6'0" 225
  • 0 index
  • weightlifting background: squat 400, dead 500, bench 275 - not the strongest guy in the gym but i can move some weight.

In looking at clubhead info online, I feel like you need to get to ~140 clubhead to be competitive. From those who got into the sport, where were you when you started vs. where did you get to with equipment / swing training / workout regimen?

Thanks all.



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    No offense dude but this kind of feels like one of those "I'm currently an 8 handicap, if I quit my job and practice year round could I make the tour?" type of threads. I don't know a whole lot about long drive, but for someone with a weightlifting and golf background trying to add 20 mph of clubhead speed- is that even possible?

    There is a decent chance I'm wrong though....


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    Isn't dead lift fun?

    Good luck with it. I'm a fan of LD.

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    thanks Tex, super helpful comment. do you always answer genuine questions by negating their validity and then follow them up by admitting your own lack of understanding in the next sentence? that's pro stuff right there.

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    so your over 30, 5’10” with your shoes off and already have a weightlifting background. Not a chance to make long drive standards

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    Best thing to try is get superspeed golf sticks. Do the protocols for 2-3 months.... Unlikely you'll gain more than 10-15mph though.

    Maybe Monte will tell you what he did back in the day to win at LD.

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    Superspeed training will get you maybe into the low-mid 130s clubhead speed and that may get you thru the early portion of qualifying but not much further than that.

    If not trying to make a career out of it spend some money on the fitting and club and training. See what happens and maybe you win some local money to recoup costs

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    good thing i play golf with my shoes on 🤣 jk - point taken on the fact that I'm closer to my strength ceiling than those who don't lift.

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    more info, as i went on a monitor in a local shop last week, using a standard X-flex 75g 9* Epic that they had. Not sure how much I trust these #s but as a baseline:

    124.0 clubhead

    they use a standard 1.45x smash -- what types of smash #s so people see in competition? but using 1.45x you get 180 ball...1.5x would be 186 ball... ~2100 rpms

    Extrapolating all that out, I'd likely need another 15mph to sniff being competitive? is that feasible to gain going to a 48" club and swingspeed training?

    Same math at 139 would be: 202 ball speed (1.45 factor), 208 at a 1.5x factor.... obviously spin and other things in play here.

    not trying to make a career out of this, but there's a local Q in my town this summer.

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    The late Bernie Baymiller was active on various forums and worked with a lot of senior golfers, getting them into longer drivers. He felt he got about 10 yards per inch of additional shaft length, and he was in the 100 mph swing speed range at the time, so you can extrapolate to get an estimate for yourself. I'm only a little faster than that, and 10 yards an inch is a little more than I get, but YMMV. The different swing speed trainers talk about 5-10% increases in speed as a reasonable expectation. Good luck!

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