C & L or TP Mills

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Has anyone had both? Which did you all prefer? I am looking to get a custom putter and was hoping to get opinions. Is one better than the other or is it all preference. Pros and cons of the two would be great.


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    You're not going to like this, but BOTH.

    In all seriousness I have both, I game both, and will not sell any of the respective plumber's necks I have right now.

    IMO A "custom" putter is more attainable from C&L in terms of cost and time frame. I'm sure someone will weigh in on a Mills custom.

    BTW Chip Usher (C&L) does as sweet of a job stamping as anything I have seen. You dream it, he'll stamp it.
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    I havent had both, but I can comment on my C&L, I just recently purchased one, and for me, its so smooth, really suits my eye, Overall just a really good putter. The service was amazing from both Chip and Lee.

    From what I have heard TP Mills also make some amazing putters, so I dont think you can go wrong with either.

    But I really love my C&L image/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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    Although I do not have a Mills YET, however my 3rd C&L should be here very soon and I can't wait!

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    I have never used a TP Mills, but I got my first C&L early last season. A year later I have a 4th on the way. Do you think I like their putters?? I was blown away, but the attention to detail. I had used several Camerons over the years, and none of them can compare to the feel of the C&L.

    Bend, you have a third one on the way, huh? What are you getting this time? How does the byron 007 compare to C&L?

    Good luck in whatever you choose, cho!!

    I am going to have to get a 1310 at some point......
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    C&L all the way.......sorry, I havent hit a Mills but most everything else (Cameron & Bett Tour) and 350 Milled wins - for me anyway. Have a Chat with Chip at 350 - best guy in golf!
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    I had a Stainless One with snow for awile and it was as smooth and solid as any other. The welded neck looks awsome and you know that it is done by hand. Quality was fantastic, face milling was very nice. It was just to nice looking to game, I was worried about banging it up. Sold it for a Byron. You cant go wrong with these.Mills have been around for some time.
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    I've owned a C&L CL-1, and Mills Softtail and Tradition, all in carbon steel. Aesthetically, I liked the Mills better than C&L. I liked how there was some limited creativity in the way the Mills were stamped, as I've been turned off by some C&Ls that are way out there with their stampings. Plus, I think the Mills black oxide finish is the best in the business.

    But in terms of performance, I liked the C&L better. For some reason, the carbon steel in the Mills was softer than on the C&L. While some people like this feel, I thought the soft feel of the Millses was too soft for such heavy putters. I had a tough time with distance control on my Millses. The C&L felt more like the carbon Scotty Camerons I've had, which means a little bit firmer. With the standard weight of 350g, I think you need that little bit more response or it'll feel like hitting a marshmallow with a hammer.

    I've since sold all three and kept a Mizuno Mills putter, which in terms of performance and feel I like as much as any of them. But if I were to keep one of them, I would have kept the C&L.
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    I've owned both and while both are nice putters, I've actually kept the C&L in the bag for the past two years, for a putter ho that's impressive and should speak for itself... I actually do feel like my putting has gotten better with it too
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    Personally I would opt for a Mills.

    Just about the nicest putter I have ever seen was one that Joe Kwok games (I think its a Tradition model).

    Very very nice. 2 good options but I'd lean towards a Mills.
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