Ernest Sports Pro 14 launch monitor

I was just curious if anybody has any reviews on this launch monitor. I've got a friend that has one and he seems to like it but I wanted some other input as well. For the price and all that it does, it seems like a good deal.


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    Yep, I'm waiting to.......Really nobody got anything on this.

    I'm looking to buy one but hardly anyone says anything. I already have the range in the garage but looking to add a monitor. I would like to stay under 500 bucks, but I've read that some guys get board with the little data it gives.

    So who likes what?

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    I had the SC 200 for one day and then sent it back again. For me the distances were way off because it calculates it based on club chosen and ball speed - the launch is estimated from the club used. So if you hit your ball higher or lower than what they think you should be doing with a given club the distance is way off. So no I would not recommend it. For just measuring club head speed, ball speed and smash factor it might be good enough.
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    I think of the list the meevo is the best one.
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    I was at the show today and the Mevo was pretty impressive. Supposedly there is a Mevo 2 coming out that will be even better so you may want to hold off getting one. The SC 200 is smaller and more portable and give you the same info as the ES14. What I didn’t like was the SC 200 keeps your info on the machine itself. The ES 14 has an app for your phone. You can look at your info where you go. There Mevo is more expensive but has video capability that the other two don’t have.
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    I have an ES14 and owned the ES12 prior to that. I like the 14 for what it is. It is pretty accurate in terms of distance and very easy to use. Along with my sky pro I can hit balls and get more club and ball data than I can really decipher. I use my ES14 outdoors just so I can see ball flight since it does not calculate dispersion. They just announced integration with the skytracer app which will provide more data points than the ES14 alone. Yes not all data points reported are measured but the algorithms are accurate enough for someone at my skill level to determine club gapping more accurately than just going to the range and firing at targets. If you need more than just basic initial ball launch data then unfortunately the sub $500 monitors will leave you wanting more. Hopefully the day will come when the big boys will give us a sub $1000 monitor that reads full flight (they can do it now). At $500 a pop the big boys need to sell 30-40 units to equal 1 full size unit. Not sure there are enough hardcore golfers willing to shell out over $500 for this technology yet in order to make it profitable for the likes of flightscope and trackman to basically make their premier product second tier in terms of sales and usage.
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    I was at the show today and the Mevo was pretty impressive. Supposedly there is a Mevo 2 coming out that will be even better so you may want to hold off getting one.

    By any chance did they give you any details on how it will be better?
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    MEVO is a great value because of the accuracy in the data it measures, and its ability to overlay the data over an edited video of the swing that created the data.
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