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    He hit a few good ones on the back nine that year after it all looked lost.

    That punched 5 iron to a yard on #15 was a belter, as was the second into 17. A high draw off the tee, and then a faded 4 iron into the heart of the green.

    That 3 iron at #18 that nearly knocked the flag down wasn't too shabby either.
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    Funny thing is the 1st time I ever saw Faldo live was at The Country Club in Brookline in the last 80s when he ended up in a play off with Strange that year. It was a practice round on the 1st tee. I think he was either nervous or really stiff. He hits a block 30 yard right of the fairway into the trees. I was like what the? Then he hit another one and striped it. I'll always remember that.
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    mat562 wrote on Apr 22 2008, 12:48 PM:
    One thing Faldo never gets credit for is the quality of his bunker play. He was among the best sand players of all time in my opinion, but never really gets mentioned as a great sand player.

    I've got a programme from a Euro event in '87 and Faldo (from memory) is something like 81% for bunker saves at the mid point of the season. Then again, Sandy Lyle is right up there in Driving Distance at 267 yards...

    I remember following him round at Muirfield in a practice round before the '92 Open Championship. He got to the 13th (par three) and hit his tee shot in the greenside bunker. He went in there and holed it for a two. Someone in the crowd called him a lucky b***ard. Faldo turned round and smiled and asked for another ball. Threw it down in the bunker and then proceeded to hole that one as well. Cue much laughter.

    Faldo was my idol growing up. I bought all his videos, his books, had a set (two in fact) of TP19s. Still have them now (one of them anyway). I also noticed someone mentioned Audemars Piguet. He mentioned them on one of his videos and so I found out that they made watches. Saw some in Harrods one day while I was there with my mum. Asked the lady behind the counter how much they were. She looked down her nose at me and said "they start at two and a half thousand pounds". It had the desired effect. I was looking at some of them at Heathrow a couple of weeks ago and they are gorgeous watches, but my god are they expensive. Cheapest one was I think 4,800 pounds. Ouchie.
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    Faldo ought to be reading this thread...

    He'd be feeling like C-3PO in Return of the Jedi... We could make him a wooden throne and all gather round for stories about his derring do on the course in his prime. image/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':wacko:' />
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    Well where to begin. Like many my age he is still my sporting hero despite his quirks and "difficult" temperament.

    Mat is right. Although my view was from the sofa at home his final long iron into the 18th at Wentworth in the World Matchplay was right up there with the best shots I've ever seen. That was back when the tournament actually meant something too.

    Very much the modern athlete in a time before they all worked out. I once read an article where he had been for testing with sports scientists and his body fat was athlete standard and reactions racing driver standard. Although I read an article with him recently that said during testing they had the running machine up so fast he fell off the back!

    I cant tell you how many times I watched the Nick Faldo's Golf Course video (video remember those) with him and Leadbetter at Valderama. This of course in the days when they were still speaking.

    In fact for Faldo stuff there is a guy on here who has a huge collection of Faldo putters (cant remember his name but he is an Irish guy who plays out of Bearwood Lakes) What a collection he has.

    Oh the memories...
    That Aint Billy Bob!!
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    Was watching the official 87 Open film a few weeks ago on TV - they showed a close-up of Faldo's ball in a greenside bunker, was a Maxfli. Was surprised, as I remember him using a Titleist the following year at the US Open.
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    drpurpell wrote on Apr 23 2008, 03:51 PM:
    Was watching the official 87 Open film a few weeks ago on TV - they showed a close-up of Faldo's ball in a greenside bunker, was a Maxfli. Was surprised, as I remember him using a Titleist the following year at the US Open.

    That makes sense - I got clobbered that August by a 90 compression Maxfli HT at Birkdale during the Lawrence Batley. I always thought he won the Open with a Titleist that year. Second time I've been wrong in this thread... image/rolleyes.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':wacko:' />
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    Great thread guys. Nick Faldo was a fantastic striker of the golf ball in his day. I reckon he still strikes the ball quite purley to this day. There is no doubt that David Leadbetter helped transform Nick into one of the games most successful players. I watched Nick back at the 2002 PGA Championship and he still struck the ball purley round that golf course. He made the cut, and just curved the ball round those dog legs. Putted terribly, but his ball striking was supreme. One of the best golf swings ever in my opinion.

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    Here is that collection of Faldo Scotty Putters and Vokey Wedges as mentioned above.
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    Tim Delgado wrote on Apr 22 2008, 07:24 PM:
    I remember watching Faldo hit practice long bunker shots with a 4 or 5 iron at Oakland Hills (US Open), he just pured one after another. What a ballstriker!

    My only ace came with a liquid-center Rextar!!! I recall that it was a good ball and my favorite at the time.


    Tim, me too. 1996 maybe was my only ace and with a Rextar ball. Still have it. It's like putting with a soap ball. So soft compared to todays balls.
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    Your all forgeting one of the classic Faldo act's of all on 15 at Pebble Beach in the 90s, when he hit his shot to the right near a tree, he climbed into the tree and yells "Where's Jane" acting like tarzan, all caught on the air by NBC TV. The guy's humor is fantastic. It always matched his game.
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    Here is the video of Faldo climbing up that tree in the 1992 US Open.
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    Wonderful memories great info thanks gents...but I have a great one.

    I caddied for Nick in his first ever round as a pro...A qualifier for an event at Kings Norton near Birmingham at a course called Fulford Heath..where I was the junior champion and as such got first choice of the players to caddie was a toss up between Nick and Mark James who was also trying to qualify...I beklive it was the matchplay event they used to have fact the same year that an unknown called Kevin Bayliss beat Seve in the secind round.......anyway...I caddied for this lanky spotty faced kid..he qualified..but I had to go back to school the next little ditty....
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    Lol, just remembered that. Cheers mate.

    For a lot of us who have posted in this thread, Nick was a hero to us in the 80's and 90's and the reason a lot of us started playing in the first place!

    He's not loved by everyone (sometimes arguably deserved, sometimes not) but regardless of that, he'll always be an iconic figure. 6 Majors, the highest points winner in Ryder Cup history, 98 weeks as world number one and now a successful move into the commentary box. Let's also not forget the Faldo Junior Series bringing through the talent of tomorrow (Rory McIlroy to name but one).

    I once read a quote that for me, summed up the man and the way he played golf. During the most successful point of his career and after capturing his second green jacket in a row in 1990: "The run doesn't have to end. If someone is going to beat me then I'm going to make sure they've worked for their victory. Let them come and get it from me." Call it arrogance if you will but until Tiger came on to the scene, Nick was the most intimidating competitor in the game.

    Thanks for opening this thread guys. A fantastic opportunity to reminisce on one of the greatest ever players to have played this game we all love so much.

    P.S A Ryder Cup winning side won't hurt either!
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    Well said villa, couldn't agree more myself. He was the only golfer back then which I really admired and I would say that Tiger is the man who has taken over from that role so as you can see it takes something very very special.
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    I really started to want to get good at golf after watching Nick in the '96 masters on tv. He is still my favorite player. I got to see him play a little bit in person at the Colonial in '97 or '98. He looked so effortless. Such a big guy and swinging the club so gracefully.
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    Back end of the thread. image/good.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':wacko:' />
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    thanks. now they need a bag check for present day shaft specs and all. peace out
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    villa wrote on Apr 22 2008, 12:02 PM:
    Nick was always a blade player and apart from a set of Spaldings when he first turned pro (which he ground to his specs himself) he always used Mizuno (even when he was with Wilson). He used various different models over the years as stated above. For a short period towards the end of his time with Mizuno, Nick even had spells with the T-Zoid Pro and T-Zoid True irons. He used to use a Wilson sand wedge (with 4 port holes in the back) until Mizuno released the Faldo line of wedges.

    Mizuno used to have a clubmaker called Turbo who personally ground all of Nick's clubs for him during the late 80's / early 90's. As Jebb rightly said, Nick used a Macgregor wooden driver and Mizuno Hot Metal 3 wood up until the point when Mizuno released the T-Zoid range. He then went on to use the T-Zoid T3 woods (notably at his Masters win in 1996). He also used a 5 wood that week but because of the difference in lofts compared to modern clubs, he still carried the 2 iron.

    Nick then had a short spell with Adams in the late 90's. They spent a fortune getting him and even released their own line of Faldo wedges and a Faldo driver (which I owned, it was rubbish) though he still had Mizuno irons in the bag. He then had a break before joining Nike where as someone pointed out, he used the Pro-Combo irons. I read in an article that he left one of these companies because they were forcing him to use a driver that he didn't like. Not sure who it is though.

    Since then he's played whatever he wants (MP-60's, i3 blades, TM TP's etc). He said he liked to use Ping because he could phone them from home and they would deliver exactly what he wanted the following day.

    I've heard both said about the TPA putter that he used to use. I don't think anyone's sure whether it was a Taylor Made or Wilson. He also used the Ping B60 to good affect for some years but most notibly, the Odyssey Rossie Dual Force was possibly the one he's most famous for. I've heard people from Odyssey say that they don't know where they'd be without the sales boom that came from Nick's wins with that putter. It was shortly after this that Callaway bought Odyssey. All he asked of them was to make him a gold one like Ping did when he won with the B60.

    Not quite true.

    When Faldo's game went south in the mid eighties and he lost his contracts Glynwed engineering etc he played with a set of Be copper Pings for many months In fact he played for England at the Dunhill team championship with a blank bag with Pings in it .

    Faldo also won majors using a Mizuno Driver which is in the Golf Museum in St Andrews. Regarding his putter it was a Taylor Made which Wilson bought the copyright to later
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    Fifegolfer wrote on Apr 25 2008, 04:19 AM:
    When Faldo's game went south in the mid eighties and he lost his contracts Glynwed engineering etc he played with a set of Be copper Pings for many months In fact he played for England at the Dunhill team championship with a blank bag with Pings in it .

    Yes -- This was right before he rebuilt his swing with Leadbetter.
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    iscarter69 wrote on Apr 25 2008, 07:27 AM:
    Fifegolfer wrote on Apr 25 2008, 04:19 AM:
    When Faldo's game went south in the mid eighties and he lost his contracts Glynwed engineering etc he played with a set of Be copper Pings for many months In fact he played for England at the Dunhill team championship with a blank bag with Pings in it .

    Yes -- This was right before he rebuilt his swing with Leadbetter.

    I genuinely didn't know that mate. Excellent info, thanks for sharing.
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    Put me down as having been educated too.

    I can remember seeing pictures of him working with Leadbetter at Lake Nona (or, if I remember rightly, initially at Grenelefe) but never with any Pings.
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    What a fantastic thread image/clapping.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    I've always had a soft (forged image/man_in_love.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':clapping:' /> ) spot for Mizuno irons because of the Nick Faldo connection. Spent many happy years watching him play and many late nights bringing home the Green Jacket after dusky night playoffs.

    I still don't think he gets (as a player) the appreciation due to someone of his statue and importance in the game. I especially enjoyed his recounting meeting his all time idol, Ben Hogan. Great stuff.
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    I followed Nick's career closely when he was in his prime and watched him many times at the Open Championship. Faldo and Tom Watson are the best ball strikers I have ever seen. He is not always the most popular guy in the world but people should know he was a phenomenal player.
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    What a great thread this has been!!! I was a Faldo fan and a Mizuno man back then. I went away from Mizuno's back in '03 and just came back to them june of '07. You guys have given out some wonderful info!!! thanks fellow WRXers!! image/miz.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':cheesy:' /> = image/wub.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' /> image/betty.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':clapping:' /> = image/wub.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':cheesy:' />
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    Hey guys, great thread !

    Another Faldo fan here. I can't think of him without thinking of the TPA XVIII, and that brings on mild shaking as my TPA XVIII was "the one that got away" image/fool.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':clapping:' />

    I played one night using the TPA, and started triple bogey, double bogey, then had another bogey at the fifth. My first par of the round came at the ninth. The rest were birdies. Five over after two holes, one over at the turn. Five single putts, each one over 15ft. And yet, I traded it in shortly after. Dunno what came over me! Regardless, when I came to my senses it was gone. I've been forever looking for a replacement. Tried the Del Mar, didn't cut it! When I heard Wilson were re-launching it I was ecstatic, then they stuck an insert in it. D'oh.

    I've had one or two other bits of Faldo related gear. Had a brief flirtation with TN-87's, but they were too tough for me. Had the Pro II's too, which I loved, but which wore out rather quickly. I still have a couple of the TP wedges (Mizuno TP, none of that TM nonsense!) which have a tiny bit of life left in them, and I'm looking for somewhere trustworthy to restore them. The Adams driver (with EI-70) was ok-ish.

    The Faldo wedges weren't actually played by the great man, I think they were cast, and were priced and placed below the TP range.

    I played the Rextar for years, and was gutted when it went out of production. Anyone remember the remark made at the Ryder Cup by Faldo's partner in the foursomes ? Monty I think it was, something along the lines of "Faldo uses those bloody Japanese balls, that are made from tyres or something". Incidentally, the Rextar was designed to "avoid excessive backspin", somewhat different from todays products!

    Ah, those were the days! Think I'll go lie down and try to get the TPA out of my head again.
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    Just as another interesting side note, there's a photo in Nick's biography that shows him "holeing the winning putt at Muirfield" in 1987 with what looks to be a Ping Pal2 putter.

    The TP19s are an interesting model as well, and as best as I've been able to tell were very similar to the Japan market MS-203. Mizuno also produced a model called the Super-11, which looked to be almost identical to the MS-203 as well, and completely different from the compact, rounded toe MS-11. I've owned MS-11s, MP-14s, MP-29s, MP Grads and MS-203s, and I have to say the 203s have almost a unique feel to them. I think they might well have been the best forged irons ever made. The only other iron I've felt that was close were the TM X-300 FCIs. Neither set of 300 forged irons I have is remotely close. The MS-203 is the only iron I've ever hit that made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end...convincing me that the feedback from a great set of blades far offsets the forgiveness of anything else.
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    Faldo is for me still the man. Whenever my swing starts to feel abit loose and off line his book and video's are what I go back too.

    What is he playing with now? I know its TM but what?

    Looks like Tour Burner driver, are they tour burner irons? I heard him commenting on air that TM are trying to build him some graphite iron shafts!!!!!!!!!! I thought he was x 100 even in his pings when he did so well at Bethpage. Not sure about wedges, and I guess a spider from all the press he's given it
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    The only clubs I've seen in his hands recently have been during little Golf Channel snippets in between all his shameless plugging for Taylor Made on-air.

    R7 TP irons and a Spider putter from what I've seen, albeit there's nothing to say they're his actual clubs.
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