Stop standing to close

DDG61DDG61 Members Posts: 99 ✭✭
Played for 20 years standing to close to ball. As you can presume this has lead to a vertical swing with climbing hands. PlayEd from a 7-12 HC over this period.

Last three rounds were 79-81 and today a 95. Length has always been a strength of my game but never consistency. When it goes bad I’m totally lost.

I’ve been told by multiple reputable PGA professionals that I need to move away from the ball and I agree. Problem I have is moving away and swinging as I have for 20 years leads to thin bullets to right field as it should.

Understand it would help if I include video and will ASAP. Question is are there any swing thoughts or drills to change (flatten?) my swing to work with new set up?



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