Callaway FT-iZ

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    I have the 5 and 6 hybrid. Fantastic clubs. Easy to hit. Highly recommend. Ive hit the green 8-10 times so far with this club from 150 to 165 yards/ The other 2 were just off the green. Love em. Easy 5 star stick.
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    I have a 2 and 3, seem to be easy to hit but hard not to hook. Trying a 910H set as flat as possible now. The 2 is very long!
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    This is a very nice club and is the first hybrid that I have owned that I have had consistent success with. Over the years I have gone through may different hybrids, including Adams Idea Pro's, Titleist Hybrids (585h and 909), Callaway Hybrids (Heavenwoods and Fusion). While I had some level of success with each of these, they never made it to the point of being a goto club.

    The FT-iZ is very easy to hit, producing a high slight draw that lands very soft, just what I was looking for in a hybrid. The distance of this club is very good, but better than the distance is the consistency of that distance. I was afraid that the slight offset of the hybrid would turn this into a hook machine, but that has not been the case.

    My 2 complaints about the club is that it looks a little to fairway woodish vs hybrid (Adams / Titleist) and I do not think the wide sole is as affective out of the deep rough as the Adams was. In the very deep rough the club has a tendency to get caught up on the grass.

    Getting past those 2 items, it's a fantastic club.
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    I had picked up a 21 degrre model of this club last fall from GG while in a 'tinkering" mode with my long game and searching for Hybrids with a better ball flight than my Adams A7 19 and 22. This club surprised the **** out of me. Was easy to hit, got up very nicely and carried quite a bit further than the Adams did, I was a bit nervous of the stock stiff Callaway shaft as it was much lighter than I was accustomed to, but the feel was tremendous. The slight off-set also had me a bit worried because i am a predominantly right to left player but no such issues at all. Much better than anticipated!!!! I liked it so much, that I just got an 18 degree to go with it.

    This is a very underrated Hybrid in my opinion. This is a great club for the novice to better plater and can be had at a great price right now. 2 thumbs up for me!!

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    dirtyboy wrote:

    I have a 2 and 3, seem to be easy to hit but hard not to hook. Trying a 910H set as flat as possible now. The 2 is very long!

    I found the same thing when using them with stock Voodoo (poopoo) shaft. After switching the 18 degree to a DG S/L (stiff like S300 but a smidgen lighter) it feels more like the 2-iron it replaced and it's money. I have so much more confidence on long approaches and off the tee. I haven't replaced the 3-h shaft yet so it stays out of the bag until then.

    btw - 18 degree purchased new from Golf Town and the 3-h off ebay in mint condition.
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