Fantanstic swingplane video

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Im sure alot of you are familiar with shawn clement, but for thoses of you who arent or just havent seen this vid its well worth a watch. Maybe its just me but I never truly understand why you should be on plane but its really quite simple and very easily explained here.


Maybe its basic but it was a bit of an eye opener for me and Im a low handicapper. Would love to here some thoughts and feedback.


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    Enlightening! I loved it, and will be working on this until spring image/yahoo.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':yahoo:' />
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    Glad to hear it helped
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    Almost too simple but that's often the best approach, certainly one of the clearest ways I've ever seen the swing plain explained.

    Two thumbs up!
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    thanks WHAT3 ! I love Shawn's stuff !!! partytime2.gif
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    commen sense, but well said. by the way, i can't believe he ripped that hammer into that two times... then hit his clubs on it too. jeez... we can get the point without you doing that!einstein.gif
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    ^^lol thats what I was thinking.
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    He has some good analogies. Simple analogies are the best. I like the keep it simple approach to golf. Tiger's saying is the kiss (keep it simple stupid) approach too.

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