Wedge Custom grind to increase stability

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MIURA Custom Hand grind wedge
This is a 53* with 11* bounce angle with trailing edge cut, heel and toe relief.

The Fan shape groves are still an experimental stage. I'm still trying to figure it out how wide and deep those groves need to be without loosing the effectiveness of the initial bounce and shape.

I've been trying it out on chipping, pitching, Bunker and full shot.

I can feel that Full shots and Bunkers shots help the most as of the way it is. I will ask a couple tour players to give a try and ask for some feed back before I can do more aggressive groves.

As we all knows golf is not about good hits only, reducing mistake on bad hits are more important IMO. On slight mishit which normally give a little twist were definitely less now with this type of grind.

I will make one more with 60* head with more aggressive depth and width.



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    Joe as usual great work, will be curious to see where this path takes you. I can do some "weekend hacker" testing for you image/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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    I went out for a round today...It looks like I do need a little more aggressive, especially by the toe and heel.

    I welcome anyone to give this a try at my place here!

  • Looks very interesting! Have you gotten any feedback from some tour guys yet? And have you made a more aggressive version yet?

    Thinking about trying something like this myself now...
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    When I think of club rotation, I don't see how the FAN groove's on the toe make sense. Unless you're hitting a little toe'd in chip shot.

    I think it's a great idea, for middle and heel of the club tho.

    Any insight?
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