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    Callaway has, in my mind, always led the industry in cutting edge technology. Last year, Callaway came out with the razr driver and worked with lamborgini to have a driver using different metals and composites. That driver was much longer then others and most companies went to adjustable drivers. Now Callaway have the adjustability with the distance. Is Callaway working on another cutting edge technology?
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    Which actual parts of the head or sole makes the RAZR fit 27% more aerodynamic than the RAZR hawk?
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    Great to see Callaway making a big comeback of sorts with the new equipment offerings this year, love the new wedges and razr fit !

    My question is this will callaway ever start to go deeper into the tour style offerings , like say the TP line for TM. I think a lot of guys on here

    would love to see callaway come up with a solid tour line with a new logo and custom options stamping etc shafts different weights. Thanks
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    Thanks for taking these questions.

    What I want to know is why was the color green chosen for the Tour Authentic instead of blue or another color?

    Will there be any other shafts to choose when ordering the driver?
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    Will the new RAZR be offered in a low enough loft (7.5* or less) for a stronger player?
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    Thanks to callaway and true temper for the live chat.

    My Question: I was recently went through a outdoor fitting with a launch monitor for a driver (ended up getting a Callaway Razr fit). It was great for me to see the effect the new driver designs and technologies had on my driving. I am wondering if callaway club designers use fitting information from the callaway performance centers and tour fittings done on launch monitors as feedback for future club development? If so, what particular information from the hundreds (if not thousands) of fittings that is most important to the callaway club designers or true temper shaft designers?
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    I just want to know when I as a lefty will be able to get my hands on a weight kit for my regular RAZR Fit. Which I am really loving but I feel like the swingweight is a bit high for me personally.
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    Will there be additional weight sets and tips available to the public? It would be very nice to be able to quickly try out different shafts and weight setups at a reasonable price.
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    Composite crowns was a big innovation in the ability to move significant amounts of discretionary weight around a clubhead to optimize launch and spin, while keeping headweight the same as it has been. More recently, adjustability has been the big innovation in driver technology. You all have combined both on the Razr Fit, and the Fit TA. Where do you see the next big innovation in driver technology coming from? (Face material changes, etc.?)
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    First of all, I love the brands. Both Callaway and True Temper have been mainstays in the game for a very long time. I'm a Callaway fanatic, and I pre ordered the Razr Fit the first chance I got. I love the club, but was a little dissapointed that you didn't release the dual cog tip. Now with the release of the TA driver, I just have to ask why you left it out of the original? I get the whole, simple adjustability idea. I guess, being the fanatic I am, I am contemplating buying the TA now also. Will you be making any changes to the system for your next driver? I would love to be able to use the same shafts in the next model if at all possible.

    On -, @Chad. I haven't had a chance to hit the PX black, but I really was impressed with the 7A3 tour issue shaft. Are you planning a refresh on that line anytime soon?

    Thanks for the opportunity to ask some questions guys.

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    What was the reasoning behind the adjustable weights giving a neutral or draw bias instead of a fade with all the weight in the toe or draw with all the weight in the heel? Callaway used to offer a fade bias in there flagship drivers but has since disappeared completely.
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    What were the reasons and advantages of going with the px black shaft in the TA fit over the Rip'd NV in the regular Razr fit?
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    Will the Tour Authentic Razr Fit at some time have custom color choices for the heads as the Razr Fit Drivers now? I think allowing the Tour Authentic Razr Fit Driver would really enhanse the trend of customizing clubs and would sell great.

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    I am a 4 handicap, for the lower handicaps -what can this shaft and head do to benefit me when I can currently work the ball both ways with my superfast 2.0 TP non-adjustable driver? Currently ball flight is mid trajectory with narrow dispersion, and distance is phenomenal. What does your technology provide that Taylor Made's does not? I use to be a huge callaway fan until it seemed technology fell behind as well as marketing, what can you do to get me back? I'd love to play Callaway again!
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    How does the "Forged Composite" face of the RAZR fit help increase the ball speed/lower spin? Also, how are these faces manufactured?
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    Does Callaway plan to introduce a new face design in the future or is the plan to continue featuring the hyperbolic 'x' driver face?
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    My question is regarding the swingweight of the club as well. It seems that this is significantly higher than prior models, and almost make me wonder if it is not needed to counter the effects of the new hosel? The other thought was that since many pros go with lengths shorter than 45.5 was this done to accomodate shorter shaft lengths?
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    The phrase "Tour Authenic" Does this mean the the retail models are really being used on tour, or are they related cousins? what was behind using that prase? or is it like slapping tour on the head, and winking and grinning.
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    When Phil smashes the new RAZR Fit at Dick's how come his ball comes up short of the hole? You think going through all those walls the ball would at least roll in right?
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    Thanks WRX, Luke and Chad!

    Is this shaft set up to suit the whole spectrum of golfer abilities/swing speeds? Or is this targeted for the lower HC?

    I know the RAZR Fit was quickly bagged by Callaway staffers - is this version going into their bags now?

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    Callaway and True Temper,

    I am a huge fan of the razrfit and now the ta version as well, I was wondering however, why the razrfit was not available with an x-stiff shaft as an option. I found many people who loved the feel of the stock shaft but just needed something a little stiffer to bring them to the optimal numbers.

    And for true temperwhen is the pxi going to become an available custom option. I get many questions about it, but its hard to fit for a shaft not yet available.

    Thank you,

    Dean A. Wensel
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    I recently went through a Callaway fitting and purchased a Razr Fit with multiple low torque shafts (as was recommended by the Callaway rep). I was curious if the Project X Black is a low torque shaft. Is it lower than 3.0? I have asked multiple sources and no one has any idea of torque numbers on Project X shafts.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Why is it nowadays drivers have change from 9,10,11 degree and now 9.5, 10.5 etc. All of the major golf manufacturers are doing this?


    Brendan Brown

    Northern Ireland
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    Thanks for the chance to ask questions.

    Two Callaway specific questions

    - The swingweight of the RazrFit is something many have noticed here. What was the rationale behind releasing a club with a much higher than normal swingweight (compared to both others brands and to Callaway's prior offerings)?

    - Can we expect to see other lofts in the RazrFit fairways? 3+, 4, even 7 woods?

    A question for both

    - What are the main considerations when producing a Callaway specific version of a TrueTemper shaft? As you probably know, the general consensus is that 'made for' shafts are generally weaker in flex and have lower kick points than the original version. Is that a fair characterization, and if so, why is it done?
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    With previous Callaway drivers, each one is designed with regards to some type of inspiration. For example, the FT-iq took cues from the F-22 raptor and the partnership with Lamborghini spawned Forged Composite. For the RAZR Fit line, what inspired the design? What are your plans with forged composite in the future lines/models of Callaway products?


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    I'd like to know if Phil winning early this year truly spiked sales of the Razr Fit? I'm sure they have some pretty detailed spreadsheets of sales data that they wouldnt want to share but it would be cool to know if they track how much a win spikes sales (as a % perhaps?).

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    Is teh Project X Black shaft in the RF TA real or "made for"?
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    I am a 10 handicap and own Diablo Forged irons. Absolutely love them(except for the backplate design). Does Callaway intend to replace this type of iron in the linep--forged but forgiving? Or is that segment of the market too small? With Callaway's focus on RAZR X forged irons, forged wedges, even "forged" compsite, I was curious about that.
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    Thanks for taking some questions.

    Any chance we will see the Razor FIT in an 8.5 degree loft for us lefties?

    As a lefty do I need to get a special left-handed adaptor for the Razor FIT, or can I use the right-handed adapter and just realize it will be backwards?

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    HipCheck wrote:

    [size="3"]Callaway's Luke Williams, global director of woods and irons and True Temper's Chad Hall, director product marketing and global tour operations will be here live fielding all your questions. Join us!

    On Monday, May 14, from 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. EDT GolfWRX members will have the chance to discuss Callaway's new Tour Authentic RAZR FIT driver which is offered with the new Project X Black shaft. Williams and Hall will be available to answer any questions about the new driver and shaft.

    ***Also, any GolfWRX member who submits a question that is answered during the live chat will have a chance to win one of three Tour Authentic RAZR FIT drivers with a Project X Black shaft.***

    Here are the details again...

    • When: Monday May 14, 2PM EDT
    • Who: Callaway's Luke Williams and True Temper's Chad Hall
    • What: Callaway's Tour Authentic RAZR Fit driver & new Project X Black Shaft
    • Ask: A question and if it's answered, you're eligible to win 1 of 3 Tour Authentic RAZR Fit drivers with a Project X Black Shaft

    Tour Authentic RAZR Fit: The combination of Forged Composite and OptiFit Technology makes Callaway's first driver featuring adjustability the performance leader. The OptiFit Tour Hosel offers nine unique face angles to choose from and the six OptiFit Tour Weights allow for a more finely tuned ball flight and trajectory. Golfers can dial in their ideal settings with Tour Authentic Technology and hit drives with distance and accuracy like never before.

    Project X Black: The new Project X Black features a 10% weight reduction from the original Project X graphite for explosive power while preserving critical tip stability and low spin performance. With proprietary Dual Torsional Control, Project X Black reduces spin rates at impact for optimized peak trajectory with flatter descent angles for maximum carry and roll.[/size]

    [color="#8b0000"][size="4"]ASK YOUR QUESTIONS NOW BELOW.


    I've hit the composite Rapture for years. What technological leaps have been made in the material used for composites that increase distance and accuracy

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