Playing the whole 18.

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<div class="IPBDescription">Having trouble finishing a round.</div>Hey guys this is my first post ever so if i do it wrong give me some slack. But anyways I am having trouble shooting a good score on 18 holes. My last three rounds I have shot 81(+9), 80(+8), and 82(+10). But on each of my front nines I have shot even par, then I get to the back nine and just blow up. I am just getting sick of it, and I know its mentall problems but I was wondering if you guys got any tips to help me out?<br />
<br />
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    I've been noticing the same thing is happening in my game. I think it it is happening due to loss of focus and trying to cruise in in the last holes. I would love to get some help too!!!!
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    Staying hydrated and eating a couple times around gives you a little less to get distracted by and seems to work for me.
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    I find it helps when i set a goal of trying to beat my front nine score but it may not work for everyone...
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    Do you work out? I think a lot of it might have to do with fatigue. It takes a lot of physical and mental toughness to perform well over the course of 18 holes. Try a a conditioning program (cardio and light lifting, focusing on reps) that will ensure you have the energy to focus on every shot for 18 holes. This will not only make you physically stronger, but when you don't "feel" tired, it will do great things for your focus and confidence.
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    Watch the way Tiger plans his rounds, and recently the way Padraig has plotted his way around golf courses. If you play smart and think your way around the course you tend to perform better. If you have a pin sheet look at it on the tee. Where do you want to be positioned in the fairway to give yourself the best shot. ask yourself a question or two. Do I need to hit driver? maybe its not your course strategy but your execution. what can you do to make a shot the easiest it possibly can be to pull off.
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    I saw a post on here about a month ago that has really helped me. It suggested to break the 18 holes into three mini rounds of 6 holes each. I find that it really helps me clear my head and focus without having the thought of 10, 12, 14, etc. holes to go. Also, I think it's a little easier for me to let go of a bad stretch of holes and start fresh each mini-round. Good luck, hope this helps.
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    Push cart...I don't care what age you are. It helps.

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    I have the same problem, in the tournament that mid round I thought that I was going to play my best 18 ever in I was even thru 11 holes. I ended up shooting 82
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    I have been battling the same problems too. Back 9 could never post a better score than the front 9. Most likely its fatigue. But I wonder if anyone thinks it could be caused by heavy clubs? Been using tt black gold shafts against critics that it is a heavy shaft mostly. Didn't think its a problem for me (ego issues..) at first. But now willing to consider this a reason why fatigue sets in easily.
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    I find what works best for me is when you have the time during the week, spend about 7 hours at the range and putting green for that day and then come back a couple of days later and play a moderately aggressive first roung of nine, and then go all out aggressive on the back. Though this might not work for as it is really rigorous, but it helps me.
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    two day tournament i played recently had that problem<br />
    combined on the front=79<br />
    combined on the back=92
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    I had the same problem, with up to 10 strokes difference front and back nine, and the advice I got from my Pro worked instantly for me. <br />
    There are likely two issues- stamina and focus. <br />
    <br />
    For stamina, it's food and drink. Make sure you stay hydrated- if you don't drink at least one bottle of something, it's not enough. I usually am close to 2. This summer I started adding a sugar free, Zip Fizz I got from Costco to water at the turn. I read something from the pros that they cut their gatorade 50% with water so as not to get a sugar imbalance. Zipp Fizz is my alternative to gatorade and it works for me. Next, I bring something to eat- an energy bar or granola bar usually, also eaten at the turn. I may only take a few bites depending on the pace of play and whether I'm hungry or not. Here's my secret weapon- before the 16th hole, I eat a small banana. I do it religiously whether I need it or not and the results are proven for me. <br />
    <br />
    For focus, my pro asked me what my pre shot routine was. Well, I didn't really have one, certainly not with consistency. So we made one up that included everything I was already comfortable doing, but now I had to do it every time. Lastly, was swing thoughts- or not. To ensure that I would stay consistent, I needed to have a consistent swing thought for the round. That could change week to week, but basically, I've been sticking with the same swing thought for quite a while now. Tempo, tempo. That's it for my practice shot. When I approach the ball, I have no thoughts, just grip & rip. <br />
    <br />
    I'm rarely more than 2 strokes difference between front and back any more, and if I am, it's fewer strokes because I corrected some problem I started with. <br />
    <br />
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