DG S 200’s. Whose still playing? What you got?

miles2gomiles2go Members Posts: 323 ✭✭
I have been playing the S200’s off and on for several years. Most recently in some older Srixon irons (I-506’s). Never really understood why these shafts never caught on big in the US market for us regular Joes. Seems like they used to be pretty popular in Japan. Personally love the overall DG behavior in a slightly lighter weight. High, boring flight that drops and stops for me. Haven’t gotten along with anything in the XP line (tip soft) and KBS and NS Pros just don’t feel quite right to me. Haven’t tried Modus but hear they are good.

Would love to hear what irons other WRX’rs are playing in S 200’s



  • RogerinNewZealandRogerinNewZealand Members Posts: 2,296 ✭✭
    Just bought some Mizuno MP37 with them.

    3 years ago i had Bridgestone J33 CB with same shafts.

    Back then i softstepped them eg 3 shaft in to 4, 4 into 5 and that was the Sweetspot for me, played 4 to PW.

    Other to try DG R300, similar 127ish grams, a bit softer overall i hear.

    I have a set in year 2010 Wilson FG Tour cb's that cost $160 in NZ.

    Or just buy older Hogan Apex Plus with Apex 4 or 3, around 115 grams, smooth!!

    Cheers, Roger
    2019 7th March

    Ping G5 10.5
    TM 360 TI 10.5 ($5)
    Ping i 25 3 or 5

    Mizuno MP 63 arriving as new......KBS 110 Regular

    Vokey SM5 50 08 F Old SM at 54 and SM6 58S 10

    Titleist Scotty Mid Slant Pro Platinum at 34 and a Half!

    Sold my MP37 and MP33 after xmas and searched for More Mizuno
    Keen to buy MP69 MP4 MP5 later in 2019 for a Shoot Out or buy them all..
    I Survived 7 weeks with only One Set of Irons !!
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