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MORE sucky clubs!!! P770/CB combo set, Betti Armlock, AMT/Recoil/KBS shafts, Oakley prizm, Berckmans Masters visor

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Alright gentlemen/and sick deranged ladies who are here...I am back with a lot of stuff that DOES NOT WORK.  I will include my impressions of why this stuff sucks so much in the descriptions...BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!  PM me with any questions...not a big low ball guy...so keep those to yourselves  


1.  Taylormade P770/MC combo set:  5-pw with Modus 105 stiff shafts...standard length/1 degree flat.   These things...don't believe the Taylormade hype!!  Remember when they would come out with a new white driver like every 5/6 weeks?  Essentially that is what these clubs are.  I played them for 4 rounds total and they do not fly any farther or straighter than my other set!!  Marketing hype at its finest.  Believe retails is around 1100...these can be yours for $835 US


2.  Bettinardi Arm Lock slotback putter with superstroke grip at 41 inches.  Have you seen Kuchar on the leaderboard lately?  Didn't think so...


$235 shipped to you with headcover


3.  AMT white X stiff shafts 4-PW standard length with crossline grips...never used just pulled.  AMT is an acronym for: Always Makes Triples...




4.  Recoil shafts set one with green grips 5-pw standard length in regular flex...i'm not an old man...i don't need graphite shafts




5.  Recoil shaft set two with red grips 5-pw standard length...see above old timers




6.  Oakley prizm golf specs.  Had them for two years and don't notice any major blemishes...few smudges here and there.  I can't see all the breaks in the greens in these at all. 




7.  Triple Track S putter at 36 inches with the wrist lock putter grip...heavier weights in head as well if you want them...




8.  Masters Berkmans place logo visor...this doesn't suck at all




9.  KBS tour 120 shafts 3-pw stiff flex in .355 standard length.  One time pull and these have been SST pured...great value on these



Do I want any trades?  If your stuff was good, why are you looking at mine?  Cash is king!!!  




















pin 11/25

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