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TSi2 Premium Shafts


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This should be a quick one but I'd like to know if ANYONE here has heard this before. I wanted to tinker with a TSi2 and figured I'd give a green grass account the business even though Titleist has now begun to go down the DTC path. Ok so here goes. I call the shop and ask about a TSi2 with Graphite Design AD-DI6S and also turn time. They call me shortly after and give me the following info. 4-6 weeks turn and I have the option of "Normal" AD-DI 6S or for an additional $50 I can get a "Premium" AD-DI 6S. Was advised both of these shafts are good but the "Premium" is just a little better. To help me calm down a bit I asked about one being Pured vs the other but was advised, "No. Just one is better than the other." Keep in mind both are GD AD-DI 6S. Does GD really offer a "made for" premium shaft or did I just meet that guy. This was not a big box store. 

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That’s bizarre. There are three paint jobs — the old (orange) graphics, the updated (but still orange) graphics and the black version. But I’ve always understood them to be the exact same shaft.


Edit to add: Now that I think about it, I have seen some places listing the old graphics version for a lower price. I noticed it when looking at shafts for a Callaway utility iron, for example. But I assume that’s just because manufacturers are trying to move their stock so they can only carry the new version. Still, no performance difference. Sounds like you talked to somebody who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

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They are probably referring to the old graphic DI vs. the new graphic version but just dumbing it down for you.  I could be wrong but as far as I know, there shouldn't be any difference between the older and newer version and if there is, it's probably the added exotic materials, Torayca 1100 G and Torayca M40X.  I find that the more recent GD shafts have way more feel than than the older ones because of the newer materials added.   For reference, I had the old DI and am currently using the newest shaft they have in their lineup which is the UB.


Check out their website to get a better understanding. 


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That guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I’d imagine it’s just the new graphics version, but it still shouldn’t be any more expensive. The “old” and “new” graphics DI is the exact same shaft. And it’s a really good one, as is all of Graphite Design’s lineup. 

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