Let's Bring Excitement to the PGA Tour!

Coy MCoy M OG BabyMembers Posts: 1,148 ✭✭
I'm sure most people that have followed golf on Instagram have seen videos of the quirky Hosang Choi. Here is a petition that has been started to hopefully get him into the Phoenix Open. He is really funny to watch and evidently good as well (has won on the Japan Tour).

The link to the petition:



  • wildcatdenwildcatden China Cat Sunflower Members Posts: 897 ✭✭
    I can do the same goofy moves after my swing. Plus my swing is more likely to induce a shot headed left or right into the stands. Now that is excitement!!

    Let's bring Wildcatden to the Tour!!
  • Darth PutterDarth Putter Members Posts: 4,996 ✭✭
    Choi is #202 in the world, so it's not like they'd be adding someone "unworthy."
    swing is irrelevant, score is everything

    just say NO.... to practice swings
  • Coy MCoy M OG Baby Members Posts: 1,148 ✭✭

    Choi is #202 in the world, so it's not like they'd be adding someone "unworthy."

    I can't tell if this is sarcasm but you're right!
  • RangeballzRangeballz Members Posts: 1,708 ✭✭
    I attend the Phoenix Open every year, and it is probably the one event on tour that does not need more fun. But I applaud the effort.
  • CasualLieCasualLie Do Woodchucks Chuck Wood? Members Posts: 1,410 ✭✭
    Let's go golfwrx'rs...it's not just a gimmick...the guy can play. He was just a stroke away from a spot in 2019 Open Championship. Sign the petition!
  • buckeyeflbuckeyefl Members Posts: 5,700 ✭✭
    Excitement? Aren't we already living under par?
  • mupepperboymupepperboy Members Posts: 87 ✭✭
    Would love to see him on the tour here!
  • SocratesSocrates How can it be so *&#% hard to make a shoulder turn? WinnipegClubWRX Posts: 9,324 ClubWRX
    And here I thought we were going to have the trophy wives getting together in a room full of pillows. Right after the swimsuit competition.
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  • MichaelJScottMichaelJScott SchruteFarms Members Posts: 284 ✭✭
    Already signed! If he gets into that tournament the crowd following him is going to be insane!!!
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