Slightly better performance than TF D2 feel? (Mainly greens)

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So right now I use the Top Flite D2 Feel and it's a pretty good ball for me. It goes pretty far (almost too far sometimes) and it has some performance around the green, but I'd like a little more so I could hit my chips a touch harder with confidence.
Is there any ball that has the same distance as my current ball, but a little better performance around the green? I tried the Titleist Velocity and didn't like it. I'm also looking for something in the up to $25 range, so no Pro v1's or anything like that. I'm not good enough and lose too many balls to play balls that pricey.


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    Maybe the Maxi Softfli or the Callaway Supersoft.

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    I would recommend the SuperSoft, SoftFeel, or TruSoft. The Callaway balls from Costco are usually half-decent as well (~$60 for 48 balls). These are all probably marginally better than the Velocity, but I don't think any of them are going to do too much more (absolute or vs your TF D2 Feel). Probably need to go to a cheaper urethane ball to make a big difference.

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    Titleist Velocity is going to spin as little around the green as any mainstream ball I know of.

    The three mentioned by friend agolf1 (SuperSoft, SoftFeel, or TruSoft) are going to marginally better and probably as good as you're going to do without using a urethane cover.

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    Try the Trusoft or the Wilson 50/50 elite. I’ve tried all 3 and the Trusoft and 50/50 are both better than the D2. I think the Trusoft is the best of the 3 but is a bit more expensive

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    There is very little difference in green side spin between 2-piece ionomer covered balls, so you will need to look at something with a urethane cover if increases spin is your primary goal. If price is a big concern, try the Top Flite Gamer Urethane or the Kirkland Performance+ (if you have a Costco membership).

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    It's worth another five bucks (29.99) for Q Star Tour. They do go on sale quite often too. I find the D2 Feel slightly firm, the same for the QST. They have a yellow ball, too.

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