Back into golf and my PING ISI K irons still look great- What's a good PING upgrade please?

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Thanks to my 13 year old son, I'm golfing again and love we have a new shared passion.

Mid handicap.
I definitely will upgrade to a G410 driver, 3 wood
and possibly a hybrid.

In terms of irons the ISI still look good after a twenty plus year hiatus.
but I'm wondering about a good PING iron upgrade:
I'd prefer accuracy and feel to chasing extra distance
but have heard/ read that some have been disappointed with the pearloid finish of some PING irons.
I bought my son a set of black dot ISI irons for $250 and like mine still do they look incredible. (Really well made and great finish on those clubs).

Any PING experience welcome please folks and would happily go second hand if I don't need to go new.
e.g. my 7 iron still gives me 150 metres average onto a green.
Never played blades and not phased by head size on irons.

All feedback and experience gladly welcomed.


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