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pinseekpinseek PinseekPosts: 164
Loafers or Drivers
With the increasing popularity of men's driver style comfort shoes, I'm curious to know how it is effecting the loafer popularity.


  • RickKimbrellRickKimbrell Members Posts: 1,437 ✭✭
    I voted loafers. It is all I wear other than golf shoes. To be honest, I don't have a clue what "drivers" are.
  • pinseekpinseek Pinseek Posts: 164

    I voted loafers. It is all I wear other than golf shoes. To be honest, I don't have a clue what "drivers" are.

    Hi Rick, Thanks for the input. Drivers are kind of a cross between a loafer and slipper with not necessarily a full sole that has

    become fashionable to wear when driving your car...thus Drivers.

    go to [url=""][/url] and check out the pictures of drivers.
  • QWKDTSNQWKDTSN Dreaming of Bandon Members Posts: 2,999
    Other than golf shoes, all I wear are driving shoes. I used to be loyal to Piloti shoes, but I moved to Puma driving shoes and prefer them. Very comfortable, thin, lightweight, stylish. yahoo.gif Pilotis are awesome, but more bulky, with more padding.
  • jimhairejimhaire Members Posts: 331 ✭✭
    Loafers in my opinion
  • RickKimbrellRickKimbrell Members Posts: 1,437 ✭✭
    Ok, went to the website and looked at "drivers". The loafers I wear with shorts are somewhat of a cross between the loafers and drivers. They don't have leather soles. They have a molded rubber sole and leather tops. I have looked at variations of the "drivers" (never saw them called that before) and they just did not seem like something I would like. I buy very good shoes and wear them for a very long time. The casual loafers I wear with shorts have been resoled (again full rubber sole) twice. I have a couple of pairs of loafers (full leather soles and rubber heels) for work that are FootJoy. I have had them resoled once or twice already and bought backup for them when FJ announced they would no longer be making them. I have probably less than a month's wear on them. Not much need to wear them until the others are in the shop again or just worn completely out.
  • Sinister1Sinister1 Members Posts: 8
    pinseek wrote:

    With the increasing popularity of men's driver style comfort shoes, I'm curious to know how it is effecting the loafer popularity.

    I wear Tennis Shoes, specifically New Balance that come in widths. I wear them on the golf course also. They seem to work as well as soft spikes and are more comfortable. YMMV.smilie_ping.gif
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    I wear Sparrys image/good.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':good:' />
  • LUMALUMA I Am My Greatest Downfall Jax Beaches, FL.Posts: 2,368 ✭✭
    Sandals, Sparry's, Lacoste tennis shoes, but sandals 70% of the time for me. In Florida tho...
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    I prefer loafers as well. I cannot stand the driver shoe fad. I have tried them on, but I have never found one to be comfortable. If I am going low profile shoes, I got with indoor soccer shoes!
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    Not voting because I don’t like either
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  • I wear a lot of drivers. Have about five pair. One thing about them is they wear out quick if you don’t find something with a little more sole on them. I have a couple of nubbed ones that are not cheap & they show a lot of wear. I have a pair of Ferragamo’s that still look great, but they have way more sole.
  • ShilgyShilgy Members Posts: 11,299 ✭✭
    I had never heard of drivers as well. While looking them up I found these shoes with a description that certainly has you covered.


    Mens Driving Moccasins Penny Slip On Loafers Classic Comfortable Casual Driving Shoes Boat Shoes for Men.
    Tools for the job!

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    Loafers every time. With a nice quality leather sole.
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    If you guys are looking for comfortable shoes that look good, look at Adidas Ultraboost 4.0. The Adidas Boost technology is the most comfortable shoe I've ever tried on. I'm 26 and I own many pairs of shoes so I know what is currently good in the shoe market!
  • MarkFromTheUKMarkFromTheUK Members Posts: 4,639 ✭✭
    Sandals with socks.
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  • cmckelvmicmckelvmi ClubWRX Posts: 104 ClubWRX
    I googled drivers vs loafers and I don't see a difference. I will stick with my Crocs with socks...
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