Review: Mizuno WindLite Sweater is my Personal favorite for 40*F to 60*F

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Battle tested warmest and less intrusive top I have ever owned...
Mizuno WindLite Sweater is my personal favorite for 40*F to 60*F. Its a sweater with a windproof barrier lining inside. Now dont think this barrier will restrict your swing because it doesnt at all. The cut is perfectly designed to allow you plenty of room for a swing and an athletic move without feeling restricted at all. The lining also stretches to allow you more flexibility.

I have owned these for years. I bought my first one from Miles of Golf in Ypsilanti Michigan for $120.00 approx. Didnt think much of it at the time. Honestly bought it more for looks than the performance that I learned later about. Next I noticed that I could wear this sweater in the coldest of days and be warm. I am talking cold. I am a mudder and play in Michigan till the snow flies and sticks.

Wearing clothes that maintains body temps and stops the wind are typically heavy, noisy and screws up the swing. I wear a long sleeve thermo shirt under this sweater (or a golf shirt if it is warmer say 50-60) and then this sweater and play in anything.

I am talking ANYTHING> Let it blow baby and the wind cant cut in. I took this sweater to Scotland and it was cold and windy. I was perfect. Mittens with hand warmers and stocking hat will do it. 5/5/5 and auto press on 2.

Mizuno isnt a sponsor and there is nothing in it for me to throw this out there. I love this sweater and think it is best in class.

Mizuno's website says...

Mizuno says its a lightweight guage knit sweater with Mizuno WindLite™ technology provides a windproof barrier. Also the WindLite Windproof and water repellent membrane provides protection to maintain core body temperature.

Here are pics of my 2 new ones (one for my father who looks like the little brother in Christmas Story when its cold layered so badly)...

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