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  • Mr. HappyMr. Happy Members Posts: 222
    Is the color changes a gimmick to keep up with the times, or do they really help a golfer focus better?
  • KBS Golf ShaftsKBS Golf Shafts Sponsors Posts: 187

    Are there any benefits that these shafts provide when compared to other shafts in terms of ball flight or spin?


    The performance of the Custom Series shafts is the same as the original KBS Tour shafts. With our sorting and QC, the added finishing process will actually not affect flex, feel or ball performance. Compared with other shafts, the KBS Tour is known for a very smooth feel at impact, mid trajectory and reduced ballooning.


  • bu11dogbu11dog Raleigh, NCClubWRX Posts: 1,433 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    I've seen the Dynamic Gold "Spinner" shaft. Is the Hi Rev trying to do something similar?

    Will hard or soft stepping the new custom wedges work about the same way and impact performance about the same way as your other shafts?

  • KBS Golf ShaftsKBS Golf Shafts Sponsors Posts: 187
    lvmike wrote:

    Thanks KBS! Been using your shafts through three sets of irons now...

    1) As a 10hcp and average swing speed, would there be a noticeable difference in using KBS Wedge shafts vs KBS Tour in my wedges? (50*, 54*, 58*)

    2) Will the finishes be available throughout the product line (Wedge, C-Taper, etc) or limited to one product line?

    3) I echo the queries of others about durability.

    4) Any thoughts of shafts for woods?


    Thanks for these questions.

    1. Yes, the Wedge is a stiffer tip. This helps if you want less spin, and if you play more of a knock-down wedge shot.

    2. The Custom Series will only be available in the KBS Tour model. We do not have plans to produce the other shafts in the new finishes yet.

    3. Durability is great. We have done extensive internal testing, and it passed all graphite tests with the major OEMs.

    4. We are not going to be making shafts for woods anytime soon. Steel is great for consistency and accuracy, and we have very smooth feeling shafts. However, the weight in the woods is too much for most golfers.

    Thanks again,

  • tparifftpariff Members Posts: 3,869 ✭✭
    Will you please discuss the process of getting a PGA Tour professional to switch from another brand of shaft to KBS? I imagine some are more willing to switch while others test repeatedly but are reluctant to put something new in play on "game day."


  • BrizamBrizam Junkie ClubWRX Posts: 961 ClubWRX
    what are your thoughts on using a c-taper in a wedge? i like the feel of them in my irons and am considering putting one in my 50 and 54... thoughts?
  • KBS Golf ShaftsKBS Golf Shafts Sponsors Posts: 187
    squishyy wrote:

    The durability of the KBS Tour shafts seem to be weak. There have been threads here regarding the bend of the shafts at the head section causing a few members here needing to reshaft. My question is, have you addressed this issue yet and just how durable are the KBS Tour shafts compared to other competitors?

    I myself play 2 sets of KBS Tour shafts and am very wary about the bending at the head section while playing.


    Thank you for your question. KBS does not have a problem with tips bending. We have hundreds of thousands of sets in play, and unfortunatly there will be some unexplainable bends/breaks. We are always available for these golfers to contact us at 303-444-2226*2 and we would like to see if we can help.

    I would not be wary about the club breaking when playing golf. There are a lot more hazards on the course to be concerned about!

    Thanks again,

  • om53om53 Members Posts: 24 ✭✭
    Thank you for taking the time to come and answer questions. Last year I played the KBS Tour and thought it was a wonderful shaft. Having played Dynamic Golds for 30+ years, I know how that shaft reacts in different sets of irons and I am trying to get a sense of how either the KBS Tours or C-Tapers would react in comparison to Dynamics. I really liked the flight in the long and middle irons last year, but am not sure how much of the change (from previous irons) was in the shaft or in the heads.
  • golfsurfbikegolfsurfbike Members Posts: 184 ✭✭✭
    What type of player/ swinger would you recommend play the KBS TOURS vs the C-Tapers?


  • KBS Golf ShaftsKBS Golf Shafts Sponsors Posts: 187
    Skaffa77 wrote:

    What prompted the concept...I mean, what made you guys think, "We should offer custom colored shafts for golfers,"?

    Since this is somewhat of a new concept, what do you anticipate the marketing response to be?


    Great question. we've been working on this with Color Designs for some time now in steel, and while the technology has been available for a long time in graphite, we're just now reaching that tipping point where the technology matches the consumer demand for durability in steel. Chrome came into popularity for a few reasons but one of the largest is durability. We thought it would be neat to have the consumer dictate the look versus the manufacturer. So we thought, "why not offer a couple unique color and finish options?"

    The other catalysts were the trends for customization and personalization across the golf industry and other industries. It seems to our team that golfer's more than most other consumers enjoy a unique sense of ownership for their golf clubs and enjoy being part of the creation process. Rightfully so. and, we wanted to facilitate that. At KBS, we pride ourselves on the connection we share with our avid community and try to get them involved much as we can. Hence, we put a lot of effort in our Customer Service and Social Media efforts.

    The CUSTOM SERIES is the first-step. Like we've mentioned before, there is a lot of versatility where we go with this program. Looking at a few major OEM's, you already see a number of interactive custom walk-through's where you determine the color and design of your clubs. So, we figured let's bring that to our product line. Please share your feedback!


  • floggerrushmdfloggerrushmd Members Posts: 21
    Do you have any plans to hav your shafts carried in the major golf stores like golf galaxy and golfsmith? Also I have heard that these shafts are great for players who lengthen their irons over standard how does the performance change for a player like myself who has his irons cut down 1 inch? Lastly have your shaft specs been added to the mizuno and other custom fitting sessions, i.e. will they come up as recommendations during my next fitting? Thank you for taking time to answerr our questions and I look forward to trying these out.
  • KBS Golf ShaftsKBS Golf Shafts Sponsors Posts: 187
    mdgboxx wrote:

    Do you expect to issue different colors to match OEM brands, like a Nike red, Cobra orange, TM is already covered with the pearl white, obviously?


    Right now we are not going to be matching the colors with OEMs. That is a nice idea though. We did not have the intention of matching the pearl white with TM, it just happens that white is really popular now and looks nice.


  • bu11dogbu11dog Raleigh, NCClubWRX Posts: 1,433 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Thanks again for doing this!

    I've seen shafts laser etched with information on them. I would imagine that this is expensive, but are there any plans to do anything like that as opposed to using shaft labels in the future?

    Along the same lines, what other technological advances can you tell us about for your brand?
  • IambrantIambrant GolfWRX Contributer Members Posts: 66
    Are these shafts going to be aftermarket only or will there be options when purchasing "stock" equipment?
  • KBS Golf ShaftsKBS Golf Shafts Sponsors Posts: 187
    bubs wrote:

    Are the c tapers closer to a dg ball flight or px. Again dg and px have such a diff feel. I've played all three kbs tour, dg ,and px. What shoould or can I expect from the c-taper?


    The C-Taper is a lower flight that is similar to PX. We see a gain in distance vs the PX and from player testing there is a smoother feel at impact. Compared with the Tour, the C-Taper is lower in ball flight with less spin.


  • KBS Golf ShaftsKBS Golf Shafts Sponsors Posts: 187
    burniemac wrote:

    What effect will plus length shafts have on swing weight and performance ie overall flex? Thanks for the time.


    over length shafts will increase swing weight. The general ratio: every 1/2" over length = 2 - 2.5 SW increase

    Over length shafts will slightly alter flex & performance (CPM measure at the new length does drop) however we generally suggest you don't that into consideration because the total shaft flex should match the original frequency curve in 1/2" or 1" over length cases. Thus, the added length and resulting change in flex measure should maintain the original flex profile of the total shaft.

    Because of this, we suggest go over or under length according to your fitter's suggestion. From there, test the feel, trajectory, etc and if you need alterations consider a hard step or soft step for fine tuning.


  • KBS Golf ShaftsKBS Golf Shafts Sponsors Posts: 187

    Why did you choose to make the logo a decal all the sudden? the sticker looked cool but it always came off. Also, do you anticipate this being a trend? Do you expect the other OEMs to offer similar products?

    Little Lefty,

    We're very excited for this technology. It seems to have flown under the radar thus far but it may be the neatest part of the new CUSTOM SERIES. We've gone with a decal to avoid peeling / wear / etc. Plus, the colors look much more vibrant on the new label and we ensure the label is applied to the shaft and stays there.

    With regards to trending, it certainly seems the direction things are taking. Again, the technology is just hitting the point where durability meets demand but it is frequently used in graphite shafts today.


  • KBS Golf ShaftsKBS Golf Shafts Sponsors Posts: 187
    DDUNES56 wrote:

    If the C-taper shafts are suited for ~10% of golfers why are so many wrx member's in love with them? is it looks? because they look great. The custom fit carts from the OEM's that I've seen don't have C-Taper's in them so how would one get fitted in them? and how would you say they differ from Project x PXI, True Temper Monaco or Modus3? Thanks!


    Every swing is different and we try to fit golfers on some common factors (speed, tempo, etc.). From that we think the C-Taper does fit a smaller portion of golfers than the Tour, but many of these players on GolfWRX could be looking for lower flight and spin. The smooth feel and performance combined is very popular now.

    All OEMs except Mizuno and Callaway (soon to change hopefully) carry C-Tapers. This year, there will be a huge increase in C-Tapers in fitting carts.

    The PXi and Modus 3 are mores recent shafts. From what we have heard the C-Taper is still the best feeling shaft out there with lower spin rate and trajectory.


  • Sigalep18Sigalep18 Members Posts: 31
    edited Feb 14, 2012 #140
    Hi, I just got a set of KBS Tour S-flex 130g .370 parallel tips. I want them to play roughly like Dynamic Gold S300s. What frequency should I cut them at? Thanks.
  • mo9lffmo9lff Members Posts: 22 ✭✭
    If u see Kim, tell him John Kelly says hello. We have know each other for 25 years.

  • KBS Golf ShaftsKBS Golf Shafts Sponsors Posts: 187

    I recently read something from Kim Braly where he said that the C-Taper shafts were designed to be soft-stepped. Could you expound on that? Thanks!


    Yes, Kim did say that. He is the designer, and the C-Taper is very stiff. It is stiffer than many other shafts on the market. To compensate for this, soft stepping helps many players fit into the shaft. Soft stepping softens up the shaft a bit. Because of the overall stiffer performance from the C-Taper, this helps players get more out of the C-Taper, while the harder hitters can still find a shaft that is stiff enough for them when going straight in.


  • M910M910 Members Posts: 826 ✭✭
    edited Feb 14, 2012 #143

    I recently started reading up about how an overall balanced club is very beneficial to a player. Does KBS have any products for a better balanced club? Specifically a weight in the butt end of the shaft.


  • KBS Golf ShaftsKBS Golf Shafts Sponsors Posts: 187
    PingDrv00 wrote:

    I am not sure if I am the only one with this issue, but I really have had some trouble with the KBS Tour 90's. I am not sure if it is the counter balance weighting or the total shaft weigh being less, but I really have trouble with solid contact. I can pick up the same head with Dynamic Gold or Project X, and dot the sweetspot. When I hit them solid, I do love the feel, but my thought is this shaft my not be the one for me. I really want to retain the smooth KBS feel, but get a better suited option. I guess mny first question would be, have any others experienced this performance, and what shaft might you recommend to alleviate it.


    The KBS Tour 90 will lower the swingweights considerably from normal weight shafts. Not only do all KBS shafts lose 1-2 swignweights from other shafts, the 90 will lose a few more. If you have your swing weight at C9 or C8, then you may not have enough weight in the club head. Experiment with some lead tape first. If that doesn't work try going into the KBS Tour shaft. This is heavier and will also have a higher swing weight.


  • sandmansandman Members Posts: 410
    As a long time Rifle user, which of your shafts comes closest to the original Rifles?

    I have a hard time trying to figure which KBS shaft would be the closest match, but would like to try your shafts in one of my Ping sets.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this.
  • putt4_66putt4_66 ^Sexiest Golf Attire I've Ever Seen^ Members Posts: 1,077
    What does KBS/FST see as the technical difference between the KBS Tours and the KBS C-Tapers? What type of golfers might benefit most from which shaft? Or do you say it's just a matter of feel?

    My questions comes from what appears to be the physics of a stepped shaft versus a taper shaft. Steps seem to release the stored energy during the club's release in a more consistent manner - steps mean more energy release points. That is, a golfer that doesn't always swing at the same speed or tempo, even though they want to, may see tighter dispersion. A taper shaft appears to have more variation on distance from one swing to another by most decent golfers. Are tapers harder to control distance than stepped shafts for most low to mid handicap golfers that know their yardages?

    Thanks for you support.
  • KBS Golf ShaftsKBS Golf Shafts Sponsors Posts: 187
    jokerusn wrote:

    Thanks for speaking with us!

    I currently use KBS Tour shafts in my wedges but different shafts in my irons. I haven't always been like that. In the past, I've used a constant shaft type through the set all at the same flex then moved to stiffer in the irons and softer in the wedges. What led me to the change is that, from my experience, there really is a difference between how my irons and wedges are played and as such, a different shaft is preferred. From a design/engineering perspective, what specifications do you look for when you design a wedge shaft vice an iron shaft? How do you design your shafts for the stresses of the golf swing - ie do you engineer "fixes" to what happens to the shaft during the swing (droop, torque, etc) or do you design those occurrences into the shaft to achieve a certain result?

    You've now got the KBS Tour, the Tour 90, the C-Taper and the 2 wedge shafts in your line up which seems to cover almost all the bases. Where do you see KBS going next?


    Great questions. There seems to be a growing trend right now, as golfers (not just fitters / builders) become more knowledgeable about componentry, that players are using mixed shaft sets within their full bag. As you've mentioned, avid and better golfer's will find performance benefits to dialing in their irons, wedges and hybrids separately testing different products. On Tour, we have a lot of guys that use the KBS TOUR shaft in irons, Wedge shaft for SW and GW, and Hi-Rev for LW. They'll frequently keep flex the same (sometimes drop half flex) but use a different shaft design to optimize the performance of that particular club. Maintaining flex keeps feel pretty consistent through their set while they heighten the performance of that particular club.

    Jokesrusn, at this point we view our product line as being fairly complete as you mention. There is room for a few more options but what we particularly like about the current line is the versatility with a simple number of options. In irons, we've kept it to three performance options. Within each however, there are multiple flex / weight scenarios for dialing in your fit to your swing speed. In wedges, we have the two logical options as well (stability / control vs spin / stopping power).

    We have a couple items in development right now that will contribute to our product line, however we're trying to keep it simple for golfers and fitters alike. More importantly, we believe our product line is better performing across the board and we're seeing growing support on TOUR in addition to our 3rd party testing that supports that.


  • KBS Golf ShaftsKBS Golf Shafts Sponsors Posts: 187
    wilavic wrote:

    Would KBS consider putting the serial number labels further down on the raw shafts because when fitted the labels are cut off when the shafts are trimmed.It makes it harder to tell the flex of the pulled shaft,whether they have been hard or soft stepped etc.The kbs tours I own have the etched serials on them but the c-tapers that I bought have nothing so consequently I am going strictly by the weight of the shafts.Please consider this.P.S I am a huge fan of KBS shafts.Thanks Gerry

    Hi Gerry,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We have considered this. But please keep in mind that the best way to tell the flex is by weight. The C-Taper (and Tour) shaft keeps the same design from R-X, but only increases weight to increase the stiffness.


  • Lefty1987Lefty1987 Members Posts: 322
    I am about to change my wedges (52, 60, 64) and play the c-taper x flex in my irons but am considering going to a hi-rev in my 60 and 64.

    How would the overall ball flight differ between a ctaper x flex and a hi rev x flex with regards to launch, spin and distance?

    Will probably keep the c-taper x flex in my 52 as I like a low controlled flight.
  • KBS Golf ShaftsKBS Golf Shafts Sponsors Posts: 187
    putt4_66 wrote:

    What does KBS/FST see as the technical difference between the KBS Tours and the KBS C-Tapers? What type of golfers might benefit most from which shaft? Or do you say it's just a matter of feel?

    My questions comes from what appears to be the physics of a stepped shaft versus a taper shaft. Steps seem to release the stored energy during the club's release in a more consistent manner - steps mean more energy release points. That is, a golfer that doesn't always swing at the same speed or tempo, even though they want to, may see tighter dispersion. A taper shaft appears to have more variation on distance from one swing to another by most decent golfers. Are tapers harder to control distance than stepped shafts for most low to mid handicap golfers that know their yardages?

    Thanks for you support.


    The difference is the performance of the shafts. The Tour is more mid launch, mid spin and smooth feel. The C-Taper is more low launch, low spin with smooth feel. The C-Taper is stiffer than the Tour, so consider going down 1/2 flex.

    The steps generally help increase feel. The stepless design is generally more harsh. With the stepless design, you can achieve a stiffer performance and acutally tighter dispersion and distance control (less spin). One of the reasons the C-Taper is very popular is that we incorporate the benefits of stepless design, but also make it feel very smooth.


  • rsjasonprsjasonp Members Posts: 209
    I’m late to the conversation but.....I LOVE my KBS shafts I have them in my 4-PW, 52 and 58 PING s56’s. You guys make an Awesome shaft, thanks for sharing your gift with all of us:)

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