Putter Length



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    6' tall use a 34" sc newport 2
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    6' 2" - Red X2 35"

    Sometimes my grip extends to the shaft, so I asked a pro in a shop if I should shorten it, he watched me putting and said it is alright as is... image/beee.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':vava:' />

    By the way, I read somewhere a list of pros that use 35", and it included Tiger Woods, who is also 6' 2"...
  • golfernut78golfernut78 BOOMER SOONER Members Posts: 3,448
    putter ho:

    ping anser 2 becu 34"

    nike oz mallet 34"

    yes callie 33"

    cameron newport beach 33" on its way

    cameron newport beach 34"/340gm on its way

    i prefer the short shaft. i don't leave puts short or as short and am more consistent.
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    34 inch Studo Style

    Newport 2.5
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