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MEMBER REVIEWS: OnCore ELIXR Golf Balls! Check Out What Members Are Saying!

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We have 15 members putting the OnCore ELIXR golf ball through its paces and letting you know their thoughts. Read what they are saying about the ball below and feel free to ask any questions you might have! The members testing are...


















We also want to give a big THANK YOU to OnCore for putting on this testing event!



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Balls came in last night for me as well! Can't wait to give em a go for you guys...




The Big Dog ~ G425 LST | AD UB 6x
The 3 Banger ~ Mavrik MAX | AD DI 7x
The 5 Banger ~ Mavrik SZ | Motore F3 7x

The Metal ~ T200 4-W
The Shovels ~ SM7 54, 58
Flatstick ~ Spider X Chalk Stability Tour
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Got mine yesterday...they look great. One thing I noticed though...when opening the box, there was an overwhelming smell of nail polish. Anyone else find this? Going to try to get them out on the course this weekend, time and weather permitting. Will be putting them up against the Srixon QST and the Snell MTB Black. Excited to try these out!





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Looks like I might have the first review on these balls. I went out very early this morning and played 9 because I was uncertain as to whether I would be able to get out this weekend.


About me: Play to roughly a 6. Driver swingspeed 101-103 and 7 iron 82-84. Generally play shorter public courses as most of my rounds are with my wife and/or kids. Played the Bridgestone E5 for years because it was relatively inexpensive and it spun OK. Slowly moved to the ProV1x when I realized how much longer they were for me than the Bridgestones. Had a ready supply of used ones that I received from a friend. Decided this year to actually buy new balls and have been playing the Snell MTB-X.


About my testing: I will be playing the OnCore directly against the Snell MTB-X and the ProV1x on a variety of courses.


Today's testing: Nine holes starting at 6:30 a.m. (temperature still was in the 40s at that point) with calm conditions. Heavy dew so that restricted roll somewhat. Greens are pretty firm right now with 6 of the last 7 days being sunny and windy. Today's course of choice has been notorious for watering very lightly.



Driver: Hit driver on 4 holes, 2 shots with each of the balls. This screams small sample size but the MTB-X appears to be the longest by a few yards over the Titleist which is a few yards longer than the OnCore. The difference was small enough that I don't know that I would notice it over the course of a round. All three launched pretty similarly. Off the driver the OnCore feels the softest with the Snell being the hardest feeling. Sidespin also very similar.


Short iron/full wedge: Spin was very close on all 3. The MTB-X did launch the lowest with the OnCore the highest - not a huge difference, but consistent and noticeable to the naked eye. Could substitute one ball for another and not have to change yardages or landing spots. OnCore also softer here for me although not as pronounced a difference as with the driver.


Mid iron: Bit of a distance seperation here as the Titleist was consistently a few yards longer than the other two. Again launch and spin clustered very close together. Feel differences really not very great (OnCore still a little softer).


Partial wedge/chipping: Full disclosure that I am not one to hit low spinners around the green. I play a good deal of bump and run and also carry a 64 for short-sided shots. The Snell came out lower and ran just a bit farther on every shot - definitely needed to land it shorter to account for that. ProV1x had the best spin although the OnCore was not far behind.


Putting: I have never cared much about the feel off the putter just that the ball rolled fine off of it. All 3 were fine although I did have to adjust my distance control based on the balls. The OnCore felt much softer off the putter and I tended to putt it a little longer in response to that feel (or so I think).


Conclusions: Again, small sample size but I suspect the Titleist is the best ball for me by a narrow margin. The Snell, however, is better in the wind than the ProV1x (I know this from previous testing - today was dead still). But considering cost (at least MSRP) and the softer feel, I think I would be buying the OnCore after this. Need to play quite a bit more (especially in wind) though to be definite on that.

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Played last night. 9 holes on relatively empty course (Heatherwoode in Springboro, OH). I played the OnCore against ProV1 (not sure on generation) and the Kirkland 3-piece Urethane. Hit them shot for shot, putting and chipping from where they ended up, but playing second shots like a personal scramble.


**Executive Summary:**

This is a ball that I like and could easily play exclusively. It felt softer to me than either the ProV1 or the Kirkland. I expected it to play like the Kirkland, but I did like the feel of the OnCore much better. Durability seemed good – hit a cart path on a drive and the ball was less marked up than I would have expected. I did notice the smell others have mentioned. My only quibble – and it is purely cosmetic as far as I can tell – is that there is a seem and the ball is not symmetrical (like early ProV1’s were) nor is the brand imprint in the same place each time.


The real question is/will be: do I like it 3x better than the Kirkland? $2.75 per ball for 3 dozen vs. $1.00 per ball for 2 dozen


**About Me:**

Driver swing speed is about 105 and 7 iron distance is about 172 yds (up to 180 when it’s warm and I’m warmed up). I play Heatherwoode almost exclusively and almost exclusively 9 holes in the evening. I know where my best drives go and what I hit for approaches. I play a variety of balls from Top Flite D2 Feels to Kirkland to ProV1. I’ve always believed that the ball didn’t matter to my game all that much (I hit the ball very high and that is my stopping power). When I do occasionally play 18 with my friends, it’s a used ProV1 most always. I do prefer a softer feeling ball, other site’s article notwithstanding.



No noticeable difference good drive to good drive. I did like the feel of the OnCore better than the other two. I did get surprised on a less than perfect strike that finished significantly further than that type of strike does for me. I also once had a less than perfect OnCore strike go further than what I thought was a better Kirkland strike. Not a lot, but surprised me when I saw which ball was further. Didn’t see anything curvature-wise that was significant. That’s for further testing.



I hit some mid-irons (5-6-7). Again, like the feel and felt softer than both (especially noticed versus Kirkland…probably because I perceive them as directly competing). I can (though rare) back up a mid-iron and I did back up a 6 iron from 188 with the OnCore (see pic below)…and it wasn’t even that good a strike.


**Short Irons:**

I really like the feel (again). Spun the OnCore back on most (pitching wedge picture below). Didn’t spin the other two back as often and strikes felt randomly distributed.



I struggle with wedges (have Monty’s videos, Siekman book, etc.). I will say that OnCore performed just as well as others when I did.



I hit some chips that were really good and really spun (with one OnCore chip in). Again, didn’t see that much difference among the three, but OnCore more than held its own.



I liked the roll I was getting. Feel yet again being the big difference in all three.




Ping G400 Max, 9.5, Tour 65 S Cobra AMP Cell 3+ (13) Taylormade RBZ 3HL (17) Wishon 775HS 3Hyb (21) - Modus 120X Mizuno JPX 919 Forged (5-G) - Modus 120X Mizuno S18 - 56 & 60 - Modus 120X Odyssey Sabertooth www.YourGolfHeadcovers.com

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I just received a dozen of the new Matte Green Elixr golf balls and I am looking forward to testing them out on the course. So far right off the bat I love the new color and the feel off of the face is incredible. I will have more opportunities to test these extensively in the coming weeks and I'm greatly looking forward to them.

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I have 18 more holes in comparing the OnCore to the ProV1x and Snell MTB-X - I played 2 shots with each ball all the way through each hole. Finally today I had the chance to play in some heavier winds - 15 mph sustained with gusts to 30 mph. Quick takeaways to this point:


MTB-X definitely longest off the tee followed by the Titleist. The OnCore remains the "shortest" but no so much so that I would have any concerns playing it.


ProV1x has the best (most) spin for me, all the way from mid irons to partial wedges. The Snell just comes out too low for my liking. The OnCore launches similarly to the ProV1x and spins just a bit less (but more than the Snell).


I now dread hitting the Snell off the driver as it feels so hard, especially now that I have put the OnCore in play. My son asked why sometimes my driver (a Rogue that I am testing) sounds louder on certain shots - took me all 9 holes to figure out it was louder when hitting the Snell. If you like a softer ball (as I do), the OnCore will feel among the best of the current urethane balls.


Wind hurt the OnCore much like the ProV1x - the Snell held its line better in today's gusty conditions.


Happy to answer questions or perform specific testing for anyone!

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Thanks OnCore / GolfWRX for the chance to give these a try.

I am not a long hitter, usually a good drive is around 220-240 for me.

I usually play Wilson Staff FG Tour or Wilson Staff Duo U.

The cover of the OnCore seems a bit more slick than the cover of the Wilson Staff FG tour,

the wilson has more of a softer rubber feel to it.

The driver distance was about the same for me with the OnCore, the OnCore holds well in the wind.

The OnCore spins well and stops within 3-4 feet on the greens with short irons.

There was not much difference in chipping between the balls.

OnCore holds the line well for putting and has a soft feel off the putter, it is a good ball for putting.


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Someone needs to cut one open.

Driver: Paradym 3D Ventus black TR 6x

3 wood: Paradym 3d Ventus black TR 7x

19 degree UW: Ventus black TR 8x

Mizuno Pro Fli Hi 4 utility Hazrdus black 90 6.5 X

5 -PW: Callaway Apex MB, KBS $ taper 130X

Wedges - Jaws raw 50, 54, 59 KBS $ taper 130x

Putter- Mutant Wilson Staff 8802 with stroke lab shaft
BALL; Chrome Soft X

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I will be testing these bad boys on Sunday.

And I hate to waste a ball but if cutting one open is what the people want...I can take care of that.

The Big Dog ~ G425 LST | AD UB 6x
The 3 Banger ~ Mavrik MAX | AD DI 7x
The 5 Banger ~ Mavrik SZ | Motore F3 7x

The Metal ~ T200 4-W
The Shovels ~ SM7 54, 58
Flatstick ~ Spider X Chalk Stability Tour
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Played another 9 today between rain showers - course was soggy and some fairways were soft enough that drives plugged (which was great to measure carry distance). Honestly each of the three balls I have been playing head to head (Snell MTB-X, Prov1X and the OnCore) perform better than the Bridgestone E5 that I played for years. Snell continues to be the longest off the tee no matter the conditions and the ProV1x is a few yards longer with mid irons. OnCore carry off the driver was 8-10 yards shorter than the Snell today and a few yards shorter than the Titleist. The OnCore does feel the best to me and the performance is close enough to the ProV1x that I still lean towards playing it full time after the testing. I confess to wondering though, after reading the Titleist visit thread, where this ball is made and what levels of quality control are involved.

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Thanks OnCore & GolfWRX for the opportunity to test out the ELIXR golf balls!

I compared the ELIXR to Titleist Velocity. I have been rather lazy when it comes to golf balls and this was the perfect chance to do an in-depth comparison. I was surprised to notice the differences and it made me rethink about the type of ball I should be using.


**First Impressions**: Dimples on the ELIXR are more uniform, closer to a pearl white shade (compared to a true white), and I noticed an invisible line near the center of the ball.




**Putting**: The ELIXR felt slightly less soft and rolled a shorter distance. The sound is more muted, but I did not notice a difference in performance after getting used to them.



**Chipping**: Similar to putting, more muted, and lower launch. The two pictures show where the balls ended up.





**3Trak Simulator**: Tested 2 sleeves each for Driver/7-iron/Wedge of around 50 shots. The sound and feel of the shots are comparable to putting/chipping. However, ELIXR outperformed in most categories, the most significant difference was the driver dispersion*.


*I found out later I brought one 2018 Velocity sleeve and another prior gen. I guess that could explain the dispersion, but still surprising nonetheless.


The numbers are interesting, but I’m curious to see how they compare out on the course. To be continued…

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Hey everyone- I was able to play 18 holes with the Oncore and I wanted to follow-up about my observations.

About me- I'm a 12 handicap who plays about once a week. I typically play Pro V1, Snell Black, Kirkland Signature. My driver SS is around 110.

Weather conditions- 73 degrees with a slight wind. The course was relatively dry, but there has been a significant amount of rain in the area leading up to the round.

Reactions- I tend to lean towards a softer golf ball, so there were certain aspects of the game where the OnCore trumped the other golf balls (due to feel)

Driver- The Snell Black and Pro V1 were longer off of the tee than the OnCore, but the difference wasn't too drastic. OnCore was pretty comparable in distance to the Kirkland Signature. It might be beneficial to play a couple more rounds and provide more meaningful data.

Irons- Length and feel were better with the Pro V1. The OnCore was similar in performance to the Snell Black, Kirkland. The Snell felt heavier off of the club face.

Wedges- I was able to get the OnCore to check up nicely on the greens. To be honest, I wasn't able to notice much of a difference between the OnCore, Snell, and Kirkland. I would rate the ProV1 and the better ball from around the greens, followed by the OnCore Elixr.

Putting- I've always preferred a softer golf ball on the green, so I liked putting with the OnCore. I felt like I made the same stroke with the OnCore and Snell, and the Snell was louder and did not roll as far. The OnCore also provided a better feel on the green compared to the Kirkland Signature. Again, this might be a personal preference, but I like putting with a softer golf ball.

Final Thoughts- Would I be willing to buy OnCore Elixr in the store? Absolutely. If you are looking for an upper echelon golf ball that does not cost as much as Titelist Pro V1, then OnCore should be added to your list of playable alternatives.



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Got a chance to play 9 with them Wednesday night. Will take them to the course tomorrow before a tournament, and will be able to get a good feel for the way they react around the green.


My initial thoughts were they feel like a great golf ball. Not a huge fan of the atheistic, I am more of a simple classic logo guy, but that is just being nitpicky.


Driver - I noticed the ball did not fly off the face as well at my Pro V1s, nor the TP5x (The Pro V1 is the ball I use exclusively in tournaments). I did notice thought the ball flight was extremely accurate. To be Fair, I change up the order of which I hit each ball. on hole 10 - I hit Pro V1 / TP5x / Elixr

hole 11 - I hit TP5x / Elixr / Pro V1 and so on..

I only hit 5 drivers on the back, and the biggest take away is the Elixr is not as long as either the Pro V1 or TP5x, but it was just as consistent in ball flight and very close in accuracy. (I would need a larger sample size to really test these, which I plan to get on a simulator in the next few days and do just that).


Irons - I hit 5 Iron / 7 iron / PW 3 times each with all the balls


5 Iron - from 210


7 iron from 180


PW from 130



I think it's unfair to come to a conclusion on these shots due to the small sample size, but in terms of performance I noticed a sizable difference in these balls. Pro V1 was the winner, followed by the TP5x and in 3rd was the Elixr.

I will want to re-test this as I think subconsciously I was a bit worried of how the Elixr would react, and that impacted my confidence.


Tomorrow I will be testing spin from many different shots around the greens.



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Finally got out and squeezed in 12 holes this evening...


A little about myself...higher handicapper and a short knocker. On a good day, can carry driver 235. Today was not a great day...15-20mph winds didn't help. Can chip well, putt decently, but the rest is a work in progress.


I had planned on comparing with the Snell MTB Black and Srixon Q Star Tour, but only had the Snell's in my bag today. My first impression comparing them side by side was that the Oncore was much glossier and the cover felt softer.


Off the tee - the MTB Black was regularly 10-15 yards longer on each hole. My normal miss is "power fade", and even with equally bad shots, the Oncore was shorter. It also seemed to spin more, so it missed wider right than the MTB.


Irons - the MTB felt much clickier, and was much longer also. Not a bad thing, but was significantly longer than the Oncore. The Oncore was carrying the distance I'm accustomed to with my usual Srixon QST's. Compared to the MTB's, though, the Oncore seemed to have less stopping power. With 7 or 8i, the MTB would take two hops and get minimal roll, while the Oncore would roll an extra 4 or 5 yards.


Around the green - the Oncore is a pleasure to chip and pitch with. Very soft feeling and muted sound. Do need to mind the roll out though. Even with the greens being super slow and soft, the ball rolled out more than I expected. The MTB is clickier, but much more predictable check up, despite feeling and sounding harsher.


Putting - the Oncore is now my favorite ball to putt with. Soft feel, rolls nice, goes in the hole lol.


Durability - both can withstand quite a bit of abuse. Thinned a couple shots, hit a few trees...covers on both handled it well, with little or no lasting marks.


Overall, if I had to choose between these two, I'd take the Snell. I just can't give up distance AND stopping ability. I can't give up any distance, period.


I'll save a summary judgement on the ball for a later post, after I put it head to head with the Srixon Q Star Tour. So, more to come...

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Got another 9 holes in Thursday evening, comparing Elixr to ProV1 & Kirkland 3-piece on a wet course on a very windy night. I did not notice any distance differences. Several occasions had them aligned on distance - irons and driver hits. I liked the feel of Elixr best, but I'm partial to softer compression. Putts and chips were a favorite as well. I did notice that I seemed to back up the Elixr more than the other two, but not to a point of being a real negative or real positive. Wind didn't affect things appreciably more on any of the three and I'm a high ball hitter.


At the end of the day, I could be quite happy with the Elixr and if I bought new ProV1's, I'd make the switch based on price/performance. On the other hand, I don't know that I'd pay the premium versus the Kirkland 3-piece for the improved feel. (I play often enough on a tough enough course -- water or OB on every hole -- that $1 per ball for urethane is a very attractive proposition for me.)


Just for fun (neither ball is the Elixr), I thought I'd post the very definition of "precise but not accurate" driving... :)




Ping G400 Max, 9.5, Tour 65 S Cobra AMP Cell 3+ (13) Taylormade RBZ 3HL (17) Wishon 775HS 3Hyb (21) - Modus 120X Mizuno JPX 919 Forged (5-G) - Modus 120X Mizuno S18 - 56 & 60 - Modus 120X Odyssey Sabertooth www.YourGolfHeadcovers.com

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Was able to test the Elixr finally! Played a Fathers day 18 at my local track, Windsor Golf Club. It was overcast in the morning hovering around 56*f for our 8am tee time. Weather improved throughout the round finishing at about 78*f.


My initial thoughts on the ball were that they look and feel just as good as any other top brand ball. The dimples felt a tad larger than the 20xi ball I typically play...could just be me.


About me: I have not kept an index for the last 5 years or so. Typically shoot mid 70's however, decent driver of the ball averaging around 280, great with fairways and irons (7 iron 175), and a strong short game.


Driver - I noticed the same thing as previous reviewers, the Elixr just doesn't seem as long as the 20xi. I do play the 20xi -x however so that may have something to do with it.

Irons - I really liked the Elixr on iron shots, it felt good, not too jumpy, and spun well. I was hitting it the same distance with my irons as the 20xi-x. I unfortunately spent a good part of the day on the beach like my man Hasselhoff, and the Elixr seemed to generate more spin from them which was a nice surprise.

Putter - This is where the ball really shined for me. I love the Elixr writing on the side for alignment. It just flat out works for me, no need to carry a marker and spend an additional 5 minutes digging through my bag to try and find that stupid green marker tool we all have. The Elixr felt buttery off the putter face and the consistency was really really good.


I plan on continuing my testing over the next few weeks as I get some more golf in. I think this was a good start to the testing and so far I'm impressed by the Elixr!

The Big Dog ~ G425 LST | AD UB 6x
The 3 Banger ~ Mavrik MAX | AD DI 7x
The 5 Banger ~ Mavrik SZ | Motore F3 7x

The Metal ~ T200 4-W
The Shovels ~ SM7 54, 58
Flatstick ~ Spider X Chalk Stability Tour
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I was able to test these balls out on the course this past weekend. I'm currently around a 10 handicap and currently play the TP5x. I think the Elixr ball is competitive with other "tour" urethane balls out there and is a great value pick for less than $35 a dozen. From the putter to short game to irons, the spin was good and the feel was soft and not clicky. I did notice a slight distance loss with the driver, but that was less than scientific and only based on one round so I'll do more testing and post more thoughts. The ball seemed as durable as any other premium ball on the market and had no major short comings. It's great to see more and more options on the market under $35 that still perform well, especially for the average weekend golfer. I'll give them more testing soon and keep posting on the thread.

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Ok, finally able to get this ball on the course. This has been the absolute worst spring I remember in a long time. Seems to always rain on my days off and courses have been flooded. I've played an 18 hole round and a separate short game range session. I intended to compare to the TP5x but I left them in the garage by mistake so the Project A was used for comparison. These are just initial thoughts due to small sample size, subpar course conditions, and I didn't feel my ball striking was at my normal level.



1. Feel - Perfect for me. Soft, not mushy. Ball feels solid but not clicky.

2. Straight - Ball really holds its line well and didn't seem lose any wildly offline.

3. Durability - Very good. Ball still looked new after the round. I didn't hit any bunkers and played a links course so no trees. Also it was very soft due to all the rain so got some plugged lies.



1. Distance - Ball was shorter off the irons for me. A full club.

2. Wind - Its possible it was extra windy as I said the conditions were not ideal this year so far but ball seemed to be affected by the wind. Played a links style with no tree cover and wind was moving the ball. Without wind the ballflight is piercing.



I'm not gonna comment on spin at this point due to the wet conditons. However on my short game session the Elixr appeared to have adequate spin for its ball category and checked up just a little less than the Project A.


This is a very elementary review and a full detailed review will follow after I get a few more rounds/practice sessions completed.


Thank you to GolfWRX and Oncore Golf.

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So I got out on Bethpage yesterday to finally play the Oncore Elixr balls and I was impressed!

I normally play the K-Sig 3 piece ball so I used those for comparison.

It was my first day playing in a little over 2 weeks because work is crazy this time of year but I felt like I was striking the ball decently and I was putting a new putter into play (Spider Mini Slant).


10 handicap



1. Loved the feel of this ball - felt soft but did not play like a typical "soft" ball

2. Spin - spun very well

3. Loved putting with this ball - goes back to #1 with the feel but it felt great off the putter face and rolled very well

4. Durability - hit one cart path, no mark on the ball!



1. Shorter distance - I was about 4/5 yards shorter than the K-Sig (which hurt me at times)



I think the Oncore Elixr ball is a solid performing ball that I would not hesitate to buy. I am going to continue to use these balls in the future because the feel of the ball is top notch in my opinion.


Thank you to GolfWRX & Oncore for giving me the chance to try these guys out!

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      General Albums
      2024 John Deere Classic - Monday #1
      2024 John Deere Classic - Monday #2
      2024 John Deere Classic - Tuesday #1
      2024 John Deere Classic - Tuesday #2
      2024 John Deere Classic - Tuesday #3
      2024 John Deere Classic - Tuesday #4
      WITB Albums
      Jason Day - WITB - 2024 John Deere Classic
      Josh Teater - WITB - 2024 John Deere Classic
      Michael Thorbjornsen - WITB - 2024 John Deere Classic
      Austin Smotherman - WITB - 2024 John Deere Classic
      Joseph Bramlett - WITB - 2024 John Deere Classic
      C.T. Pan - WITB - 2024 John Deere Classic
      Anders Albertson - WITB - 2024 John Deere Classic
      Seung Yul Noh - WITB - 2024 John Deere Classic
      Blake Hathcoat - WITB - 2024 John Deere Classic
      Jimmy Stanger - WITB - 2024 John Deere Classic
      Cole Sherwood - WITB - 2024 John Deere Classic
      Anders Larson - WITB - 2024 John Deere Classic
      Bill Haas - WITB - 2024 John Deere Classic
      Tommy "2 Gloves" Gainey WITB – 2024 John Deere Classic
      Pullout Albums
      Garrick Higgo - 2 Aretera shafts in the bag - 2024 John Deere Classic
      Jhonattan Vegas' custom Cameron putter - 2024 John Deere Classic
      Bud Cauley's custom Cameron putter - 2024 John Deere Classic
      2 new Super Stroke Marvel comics grips - 2024 John Deere Classic
      Swag blade putter - 2024 John Deere Classic
      Swag Golf - Joe Dirt covers - 2024 John Deere Classic
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    • 2024 Rocket Mortgage Classic - Discussion and Links to Photos
      Please put and questions or comments here
      General Albums
      2024 Rocket Mortgage Classic - Monday #1
      2024 Rocket Mortgage Classic - Monday #2
      2024 Rocket Mortgage Classic - Monday #3
      WITB Albums
      Nate Lashley - WITB - 2024 Rocket Mortgage Classic
      Hayden Springer - WITB - 2024 Rocket Mortgage Classic
      Jackson Koivun - WITB - 2024 Rocket Mortgage Classic
      Callum Tarren - WITB - 2024 Rocket Mortgage Classic
      Luke Clanton - WITB - 2024 Rocket Mortgage Classic
      Pullout Albums
      Jason Dufner's custom 3-D printed Cobra putter - 2024 Rocket Mortgage Classic
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