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Cobra Xtreme 10.5 vs 12

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Hi there


just looking for some insights as I can get a great deal on a Cobra xtreme head.

I have an F9 that is very sensitive of increasing loft from 10.5 to 11.5 in that it becomes a hook machine with the face closing ( added lead tape to toe to fix it). Just wondering if anyone has a similar experience with the xtreme (hoping it’s more similar to my all time fav cobra fly z that caved)? I’ve been told I could get a 12 and then dial down so the face will open up a bit instead also. 

thanks for any feedback.

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I have tested the Extreme in all lofts but prefer the feel of the normal SZ so much over the Extreme. To me there is something wrong with the impact sound of the Extreme head, but feel is a personal thing so you could like it.


-1 will open the face a bit but the 12 head already has a more upright lie to begin with. I would get a 10,5 and an opposite handed adapter and put it on the -1 to get more loft at a flatter lie. Not 100% sure would this work wiht the Cobra adapter but it could be worth the shot..

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