Project X LZ in wedges?

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Anyone had any success with this?
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    Edited question to be more broad since no responses yet :/
  • noodle3872noodle3872 Chilliwack B.C. CanadaMembers Posts: 2,675 ✭✭
    I have LZ steel in my wedges. Great feel, good distance. I used to use DG in my wedges and I don't feel like I'm losing anything by having the LZ in the wedges.
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  • Precis1onPrecis1on Members Posts: 94
    I've always had the same shaft all the way through the irons and wedges. I'm about the make the swap to PXLZ and don't think I'll anticipate issues playing them in the wedges.
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    Yea just trying to decide about reshafting my vokeys vs the stock DG shafts....
  • gatorb8gatorb8 Members Posts: 408
    I have the LZ in my gap wedge (mizuno hot metal) . Feel and launch are great. Plan to get same shaft in 56 and 60 at some point.
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  • EagleCityEagleCity Members Posts: 185 ✭✭
    Curious if anyone else is playing the LZ's in their wedges? I have them in my irons and just picked up a set of RTX 3's with the stock DG shaft and am seriously considering ripping them out.
  • Doaner84Doaner84 Bunker Members Posts: 408 ✭✭
    I play the same shaft and flex up to the gap wedge then I go a flex softer in my sand and lob wedge since I hit half shots and 3/4 shots with them
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    Sorry for bumping old thread, but hoping that now more people are playing them in wedges. Any more updates on these shafts on wedge? I just bought a set of wedge shafts and look forward to testing them out.
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  • Johnny TJohnny T Wait for me guys! Members Posts: 3,942 ✭✭
    Just reshafted my 50/54/58 to LZ steel to match my irons. I've had limited time with them (a couple of rounds and a few range sessions) so I can't say one way or the other if they are better. My main goal was to make them feel more like my irons, which they do. I haven't noticed any issues with getting balls to stop on greens. But then again, I'm not good enough to control how much balls release. Probably also good to know that I use my 50 and 54 for full shots routinely which helped spur the change.
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  • ATAlxndrATAlxndr RHL Members Posts: 1,018 ✭✭
    I play LZ 6.5 in my irons and LZ 6.5 in my 46/50 wedges. Standard PX 6.0 in 54/58.
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  • Belmont148Belmont148 Members Posts: 1,487 ✭✭
    PX LZ in my 5i-GW. S300 in my 56.
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  • ReidmanReidman Austin, TXMembers Posts: 768 ✭✭
    PX LZ 6.0 in my 4-P, GW and SW. GW and SW mostly used for full swings only. RTX 3 LW is s300 noticeably less consistent distance on full swings, but not sure if shaft or quirky RTX 3 head is the issue. i have a Vokey V grind on order, and see if that helps. If not, next step is a LZ 6.0 in my LW.
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  • semisemi Members Posts: 236 ✭✭
    My son just got 718 CB's & T-MB 6.5 LZ and wedges 6.0 LZ. Played KBS Tours before in irons and Tour Edition S400 in wedges.

    Loves the setup. He likes to hit a baby fade and says it's a bit harder so far but the dispersion he says is much better.
  • WarrickWarrick ClubWRX Posts: 10,369 ClubWRX
    6.0 LZ in irons, 6.5 LZ ssz1 in wedges. love em.
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    I'm in the process of going out of DG in wedges. Today I played with LZ 5.5 in the 60 and KBS tour 120 in the 54.

    Happy with both. No more DG for me.


    I love the LZ in the 60. Tried the KBS 610 120 in the 52/56 but don't like it so far.
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