Name the Oldest Ball You've Played

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List of old brands and models you've played
With all the talk by analysts and the golf press describing the transformation of the game due to the latest technology in golf balls, I thought it would be interesting to hear about all the "old" brands and models WRX'ers have played in their golfing past.

At the risk of dating myself, here is a sampling of some of the old models and brands I've played over the years:




Titleist ( Just plain Titleist, no "Tour" or "Wound 90" ...Just plain Titleist)





Royal ( the first ball I remember with a hexagonal dimple pattern)


Falutless ( the first solid, cut proof ball)


Dunlop 65

Blue Max

You get the idea
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    Top Flite Z-Balata
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    I started playing in early '86 and I remember the days of tipping out the balls and half (or more) of them were grotty old 1.62" jobs that the dog had found in the gorse. A lot with cuts in them. Or teethmarks. Try perfecting your long iron ballflight with those. image/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':cheesy:' /> Never mind seaming those first-generation Pro V1s; try lining up a slice in the cover.

    Penfold Commando, Dunlop 65, Dunlop Blue Max, and those old Titleists that you mentioned that just said 'Titleist' on them.

    Something solid and rock hard was an absolute luxury back then. Fortunately there were always lots of Top Flite XLs and Titleist surlyns that the members lost (and the dog found) to bump up the decent-balls-percentage over time. The only time I saw a Titleist 384 in that characteristic red box was in the pro shop or at Christmas.

    In those days, Titleist Balatas (and the revered Low Trajectory versions) and Spalding Tour Editions were like manna from heaven and ended up being saved for the practice green...

    Happy days. Aside from the balls, I also used to end up using grips until they were perished and had a 'thumb slot' worn into the side of them since I was a teenager and new grips were an unaffordable luxury.
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    Penfold (Euro ball)
    Tour Edge Exotics CB 4 16.5 Regular Flex
    Cobra Baffler hybrid 22* Regular
    Mizuno MP 59 5-PW PX 5.0
    Callaway MD2 Tour Grind wedges 54 & 58
    T.P Mills Professional One 35"
    Bridgesone E6 Soft Yellow
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    Cobra Fly Z, Fubuki
    Cobra Fly Z 3 wood
    18 Cobra DWS
    PING Rapture Hy 21
    PING G series 5-pw
    PING Glide 56
    Odyssey Milled #9
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    Played the Spalding Dot; the Acushnet "Club Special"; the Royal ball you remember; the Faultless ball you remember; 1970 or 71 type Maxfli.
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    I remember everyball that has been mentioned and played most if not all of them.

    I remember when we used to play club specials in cold weather because we were told they would go farther. They were softer and felt better but a Golf or Golf Digest article later proved that 100 compression balls go farther in all weather with all swing speeds

    Now I have no idea but was the original Titelist ball the K2 my first memory of it the ball cost $1.25 I ask the man who ran the pro shop the difference between those and the same ball in x outs he said about sixty cents.

    PGA Victor Comtometer (later Tommy Armour Golf ) bought the patent for the K2 from Titelist when Titelist developed a new ball and they could not duplicate the quality control

    Great great post

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    Dunlop Blue Dot (circa 1960s)
    "My swing is so bad, I look like a caveman killing his lunch" - Lee Trevino

    Bag: Ping G400 Max/TPT Golf Series 17 ● Exotics EX10 Beta 4, 5 wd ● PXG 0317 4H/Tensei CK Pro Red 70 ● Mizuno 919F 5-GW/Accra i80 ● Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth 56ES, 60SS ●Evnroll ER8
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    1964 Macgregor Tourneys and Wilson Staffs - now that's old.
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    When I began, in 77, my 1st choice was topù flite or tee mee.
  • jamesduncanjamesduncan  364WRX Points: 55Members Posts: 364
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    during the 80s;

    Titleist Balata 90 and 100 compression

    Wilson Prostaff

    sometimes the Titleist DT 100

    and the above already mentioned, forgot about so many of them!
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    Rextar, Titleist tour balata,Maxfli balata
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    I started playing in 1970...

    The most unusual ball I remember was the Polara Accuracy...


    Product Description:

    The self-correcting ball that REDUCES hooks and slices by more than 50%!
    • Enjoy your round with golf filled smiles!
    • 2 - Piece Construction
    • Standard dimples around the equator help it play with the distance of regular balls
    • Shallow dimples at the poles help it give your hooks and slices happy landings in the fairway and greens
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    How about some love for the 1st ball my Dad would let me play...Ram 3D! Finally worked my way up to Golden Rams and MacGregor Tourney's. This was in late 60's.

    Titleist TS2 9.5* Tensei AV Blue Stiff
    Titleist 915F 15* (set 16.5*)Diamana Blue 70 Regular
    Titleist 910H 21* Kaili Regular
    Titleist Hybrid (816) 23* and (816) 25* Bassara Regular
    Titleist AP1 718 6-GW1 Tensei Graphite Stiff
    Vokey 52.08 SM6, 56.14 SM6
    Scotty Cameron Newport Select 2019 35”
    Titleist Hybrid 14 Bag
    Titleist Pro V1

    Classic Bag
    MacGregor MT Tourney 1967 WM2T 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Persimmon w/ Aluminum Insert
    MacGregor MT Tourney 1971 Split Sole irons 2-Sand Iron
    Newport Classic or Ping Anser 1969 85020 or MacGregor Armour IMG or TPM 1
    Daiwa Black Leather Bag
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    Some of you will remember this and get a kick out of it. I started playing in 1971. I was a big fan of Trevino, who had his ties to Faultless. I've still got this styrofoam box that contained a dozen OMEGA golf balls. The illustration is by the great Jack Davis.

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    Hmmm... I played today so I grabbed some balls out of my shag bag. The oldest was a DT Wound. It may not be that old for some of you but it was for me.
  • capt.murphycapt.murphy  620WRX Points: 2Members Posts: 620
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    dt wound

    wilson staff

    i remember the original nike tour accuracy tw. when it came out. 15 yards longer than my old standby the dt wound.
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    One of my all time favorites was the Strata ML Balata........... image/cool.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':cheesy:' />
  • mat562mat562 My ex had an irrational phobia of salad cream. Honestly.  10957WRX Points: 179Members Posts: 10,957
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    I remember the Wilson Staff!

    Great ball - and with the 'utterly basic' dimple pattern that just ran in concentric lines around the ball...
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    Podo, bought them at the Walgreen drug store, back in the day. Sold in 3-ball sleeves for .67 cents including tax. image/drag.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':cheesy:' /> These seemed to be kind of pricey now.

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    All Callaway all long..
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    Yea, I was born in 80, and didn't start playing till the late 90's...oldest balls....dt wounds, professionals, telling how many classic balls my bro I found diving for balls in the summers.
  • scall1968scall1968  102WRX Points: 62Members Posts: 102
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    Wilson Pro Staff
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  • AndrooooAndroooo  81WRX Points: 1Handicap: +3Members Posts: 81
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    The Original Tour Edition

    Maxfli HT-90's and 100's

    Titleist Tour 384


    Royal Maxfli
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    I can remember playing in the late seventies when I was 11 or 12 years old using a Canadian Cup ball.
  • freddiecfreddiec  4282WRX Points: 192Members Posts: 4,282
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    When I started playing in 1981 the coolest ball i could get my hands on was the Pro Staff by Wilson.
  • CorgidogCorgidog  67WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 67
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    Golden Ram 100 compression balls in the early 80s were my favorite distance ball. they came in a black box with a gold picture of a Ram's horns on the cover. It used to be that red numbers were 90 compression and black numbers were 100 compression. Now when I am not playing well, I usually play OPs. which stand for "other peoples" -ones I find.
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    I started playing in 1964 at 5 years old. My Dad played with Acushnet Club Specials and I would get his hand me downs. I'll never forget the first Titleist I bought in '67 or '68; my mom dropped me off at the club and gave me a $1.50 for the day's lunch and snacks. I went to the pro shop and plopped 1.25 on the counter and asked for a Red and Black Titleist (90 compression). On the first tee I hit it into the right woods and searched for it for about an hour until the pro came by and asked what I was doing. I told him I wasn't going to go without lunch and just hit that Titleist 1 time! He laughed, wished me luck and rode off in his cart. Before long I found the ball, finished my 9 holes, and when I got back to the clubhouse the pro called me over to the counter and gave me a sleeve of Titleists, telling me he admired my perserverance. I treasured those balls as if they were the Holy Grail. For a month, I just kept them on my dresser and looked at them at night. Weird what you remember, huh?

    Some other balls I remember fondly were the:

    First Flight Greenmaster

    Dunlop Blue Max

    Faultless Lee Trevino

    Arnold Palmer Charger

    Spalding Dot


    British Size Slazenger

    But, after my game progressed, I was loyal to Titleist through HS, College and professional years because of that experience earlier spoken of. At least until this year, and I fell in love with the Srixon Z-URS.
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    Maxfli HT's (90/100) were the favorite ball of all time!!!
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    Titliest professional - best ball i've ever played. Titliest please bring this ball back. I don't care if it's 20 yards shorter, the liquid centre's were the best.

    Maxfli HT - Nice soft balata ball.

    Maxfli Revolution - fantastic soft ball


    Titliest Tour Balata (i think that's what it was called) - these got smiley faces on them if you bladed it... =)
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    This makes me feel really old:

    Wilson Pro Staff

    Wilson Pro Staff Orange

    Spalding Tour Edition

    Maxfli DDH

    Maxfli MD

    Maxfli HT


    Titleist HP2 Tour

    Precept EV

    The original tour edition may was great.
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    I started playing Titleist DT back in 1986 when I started but switched after a couple of years to Titleist 384 Balata 90 compression.
    EAMUS CATULI! AC020303

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