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    There’s great music out there but it’s not being played in the mainstream rotation. A lot of the gripes from us “experienced” (not just older) listeners is that we came up in a time when lyrics meant something and artistry was actually a prideful value. Rappers had to be quick-witted and crafty with the wordplay to reign supreme. Yo MTV Rap used to showcase all of the top emcees. Rap City used to have the “Booth.” 106 and Park used to have freestyle Friday’s. These shows were like platforms for artists to show this stuff. Now it’s cool to get an image, say/mumble a bunch of nothing, and millennial whoop the life out of the hooks. Sure...the beat productions are nice but then what?. There’s plenty of audience space for acts like Migos, Future, French Montana, MGK, etc but they HARDLY represent the best of what’s out here. I went to a TDE concert (Kendrick, Ab Soul, Schoolboy Q, SZA, and Jay Rock) that was as talent-filled as any mainstream showcase. I just went to Dave Chappelle’s concert at the Hollywood Bowl which featured legendary hip hop artists De La soul, Talib Kweli, and Lauryn Hill. It was actually Lauryn Hill’s concert to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the (enigmatic) Ms. Education of Lauryn Hill album. I was in the 10th or 11th grade when that dropped. Go listen to one of the three Rawkus “Soundbombing” mixtapes and/or go listen to a DJ Hi-Tek mixtape and pair them up with a Migos record, a Post Malone record, or any other current chart topping “new age” rapper and have an honest and thoughtful conversation about the quality of what is being said. I say checkout the mixtapes because they will give you material from several different emcees from the respective eras.

    Many of us in our 30s/40s/50s have to actively search to find the great new artists. Personally, I rely on shows like Insecure (HBO) to get up to speed on trending hip hop. Raphael Saadiq and Solange Knowles score the soundtrack and the streaming services do a good job of populating the artists stations.

    Call our disdain with the current “pop-hop” hate or whatever but the quality of the mainstream acts does not stand up to that from years past. Just my $.02.

    I definitely went off topic re MGK’s “Rap Devil” but I’ll chop it up to age and the early am rant. Happy Saturday folks!
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    Re Bone Thugs and Harmony... Bizzy and Lazy are still trailblazers IMO
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    Kendrick, Rick Ross and all 3 Migos members are very good lyricists...but yes there is a ton of mumble rap out there these days. The good thing about those rappers is that they disappear pretty quickly.
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    Eminem, with all due respect, flipped a switch and became the exact type of person that he used to hate on. I do like that he isn’t an attention grabber in the media, except when he does something noteworthy that grabs attention.

    Eminem should let MGK make it. Whether he likes him or not, Kelly has some crazy skills. That being said, he also shouldn’t be dumb enough to call out Em. Eminem did a lot for rappers that weren’t from the east or west coast, and there’s some respect that should be given there too.
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