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Matrix Ozik

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"757 with more kick"

Ozik Infra = 78-80g, Low Launch, Low spin. Customer Feedback ---- "Diamana 83x with more kick"

Mfg Suggested Retail-$400. email for price quote and fitting advice

Flexes on all:

X-Stiff (270cpm)-115 mph plus

Strong (262)-105-115 mph

Stiff (255)-98-105mph

Firm (249)-90-98mph
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  • TexsportTexsport  2348WRX Points: 139Members Posts: 2,348
    Joined:  edited Apr 17, 2006 #2
    I'm playing an OZIK F-7m X (formally called Altus)

    The shaft is installed in a new Tour Range Issued MacGregor MACTEC NVG2 Tour 9* head.

    The combination is truely the longest hitting driver I've ever had. I've played a Tour TM 580XD with Fuji Tour spec 553 X or Harmon CBX for a few years but this new combo blows away my old setups.

    First, the F-7m/MACTEC Tour combo launches higher than I expected. My old driver had 10.5* and the shafts were not stiff tipped at all. The high launch characteristics of the Tour MACTEC and the OZIK F-7m allowed me to actually use a lower lofted head.

    Launch is medium high to high, flattens out and carries a long way.

    Second, when the ball lands, it's hot--running out like a scalded rabbit.

    Third, another surprise, I can both fade and draw this club. I didn't expect to be able to turn it over.

    The Best Combo I've hit!!!!

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    Titleist 915 18*/Fubuki K 80X
    Titleist 913 Hybrid 21*/Tour Blue 105X (Matt Jones' club) (OR) TM Burner 4-iron/Aldila RIP 115 Tour S
    Wilson Staff V4 5 and 6/Aerotech Fibersteel 110 S
    MacGregor PRO M 7-PM/Aldila RIP 115 Tour S
    Edel 50*/KBS 610 S
    Scratch JMO Grind Don White 56*/DG X-100
    Cobra Trusty Rusty Tour 64*/DG S-200
    The Cure CX2 putter
  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • WhereDidMyShoesGoWhereDidMyShoesGo  134WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 134
    Joined:  #3
    I love shafts. Ive tried the TP-7, TP-7X, Atlus. My main purpose in trying out shafts is for more distance. On a good swing, I want my ball to go as far as possible.

    Oziks Ive tried:

    TP-7 - higher launch then the Diamana

    TP-7x - Launches close to the Diamana

    Atlus - Very high launch, linda like the Fuji MW-54,64, backspin reduction.

    I had to try the TP-7 when I heard of the ball-speed increases that a friend had. My Old faithful driver was an R7 w/Diamana 73x. Ive tried out many different drivers & shafts and nothing could even come close. I then got another tour R7 and installed the TP-7. I knew from the first swing that this shaft was different than anything else I had ever tried. I wasnt sure what to think at first becaue it was so different. It was like the shaft wasnt working, very nice suttle kick. The second thing was the decreased sidespin, my mishits or misswings werent going as far right, which I really liked. I also added some distance which is what I really wanted. There is no reason that this shaft will decrease your distance, other than improper flex or fitting.

    If you are trying to justify the $1000 price tag, it probably isnt the shaft for you. If you want the best shaft made, get one. Also, if you cant afford the $1k, wait for a pull. You can get them at least half the cost.

    Im also in the process of trying the Atlus, this shaft does not reduce the sidespin, this shaft reduces backspin. It is very high launching but hits the ground rolling, which is very different. Im not quite sure where my distance is with this shaft yet, I will have to take it to my course and nut a couple and see where they end up.

    In conclusion, get tested on a launch monitor to see what you need in a head and shaft. More launch and less spin is what the norm is, however you need to take into account your course conditions...like wind or soft fairways.
  • pureshotpureshot  9WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 9
    Joined:  edited Sep 8, 2006 #4
    I recently tried the Ozik Code 8. It was heavly recommended by a local Matrix Rep and club fitting systems. I had many hours and $$ coming up with this recommendation. I guess I was expecting more.

    I pulled it after one day and went back to old Aldila NV. With all the reviews about how wonderful the Matrix products play I may have over extended.

    I am returned to the fundemental that if you can't hit it before hand don't buy it. I know what I like and following others does not necessarily work for me.

    When the magic shaft of the year did not work, I went back to my swing and found 85% of the fairways.

    I think the Matrix is a fine product. Like anything in golf it's not magic. Given the opportunity to hit their entire product line I may have found something I like. The computer did not and the Matrix reps did not.
  • titleistpro2titleistpro2 Ally...Now 20 months  776WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 776
    Joined:  edited Nov 13, 2006 #5
    Too much hype...mainly over at BSG, and mainly because they get rich off of it. Previously I said that I liked some other shafts better. Since this time I have found the right combination with these shafts and they work extremely well for me. I would not pay the price they are going though. I've been fortunate to be hooked up with these shafts. They are not the end all, or fit all, if you will. However, they are extremely good shafts. I liked matrix products even before this line though, so they just go over well with me. I have the altus in my driver and the tp-7 in my 3 wood. The altus is not all that straight, but it is long. The tp7 is not all that long, but it is straight.
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  • AltusBelieverAltusBeliever  542WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 542
    Joined:  #6
    I have had the TP 7x in reg flex. I wasn't crazy about it. Switched out to the TP 7 in firm flex and a big improvement. Same head on both shafts. However, not sold on it so ordered a Nak 420 head with the Altus in the firm flex. My opinion of this shaft is WOW. I can feel this shaft launch the ball up in the air and did not feel that in the TP. The TP sure went straight but I see little or difference in accuracy with Altus. I guess the politically correct position is to say that the TP line didn't fit me. The nonPC statement would be to say that Altus is worth the bucks and Tp is not. That is the beauty of MCC/Matrix- they make lots of options so you gotta keep looking.
  • BigNikeB BigNikeB Nike Kid  318WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 318
    Joined:  #7
    I've had the Ozik F7-m X playing in a FT-3 8.5. I usually hit a high ball, not a balloon, but my ball flight is usually higher than most. I was a little afraid of this combo being low and right. I still maintained the same flight as with my 757 but without the control. Maybe I needed a different weight, but I really never knew where the ball was going to go. Distance was the same. I always expected something magical and was sadly dissappointed. It seems to be a good shaft though as it never felt harsh or tight. In comparison to the Axis shaft that I bought after this, its not even close. My opinion is that the Axis is wayyyy better than the Ozik. It probably is better FIT to me and my swing!

    As a closing statement....Ozik must be fit to you as in ANY other shaft! Also my PERSONAL opinion is that Ozik and others know that there are people who will pay huge sums of money for new technology. Unless I'm gaining 20 yards, a shaft will never be worth $500 (or more). I guess some people who have tried it have gained 20 yards and to them this shaft is worth it.....
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    Nike Method Matter B1-07
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  • Back932Back932  97WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 97
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    mjtoal wrote on May 28 2007, 06:23 AM:
    I agree with the members above who have recommended careful fitting being important with Oziks. After getting that careful and expert fitting, I have 3 Ozik shafts now in play, each giving me what I want from the club.

    Titleist 907 D1 Code 6, playing straight/slight fade.

    Tour Edge Exotics 16.5 Code 8, playing medium/high with a draw

    Titleist 585 H Ozik Altus, playing highish but not ballooning.

    I got fitted in the UK at Precision Golf, near Egham just off the M25, whom I highly recommend.


    Can you tell me a little about your driver, as I have been considering your setup. I would think that it would sure want to go straight. How's the distance, launch, roll out, etc?

  • SaeWickSonSaeWickSon  213WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 213
    Joined:  #9
    Just had a Matrix Ozik Altus Tp7x installed in my R7 425 loft 9.5*, I figured it was time to draw a conclusion for myself.

    The last shaft i played in the R7 head was a Diamana blue board... The blue board earned its keep by being a highly stable predictable shaft with mid stiff tip giving me a pleasing mid high launch. In a way the diamana became a lot like a security blanket, predictable and comfortable. Well along comes the TP7x I purchased one that was 262cpm, so this is between Stiff and X Stiff.

    Now that the shaft is installed and being played my first conclusion was holy $&$!, this feels like nothing I ever hit before. My club maker and I both stood around for a few hours hittin this thing and neither could compare it to anything, just it is in a league of its own. But the jury was still out range time doesn't make up a test. Thru many swings i found out a lot of key observations and will list them in no particular order.

    1) Although this shaft is rated a half flex stiffer than my diamana blue it plays considerably softer.

    2) The shaft does not feel like a lead pipe as some may think or what it is commonly compared to... The

    shaft is ridiculously stable thru every aspect of the swing, but at impact all stored energy is converted

    into a high powered kick thru the hitting zone (that was the real eye opener of this driver)

    3) The ball speed is easily 6 - 7 mph higher than that of my last shaft (confirm this on monitor next week)

    4) For me personally this shaft is considerably longer although this can not solely be attributed to the ozik

    my last shaft was 63g this is a bit heavier at 78 which has helped my tempo and stability has given me

    a better sense of club head position.

    5) Don't buy into the notion tp7X = no spin. Compared to the Diamana, a handful of Fuji's, the 70g

    UST V2, or the Aldila NV, the spin rate was absolutely perfect of a ProV1x, B330, and HX56.

    My shortest drive of my first outing was 279 hitting up a ski slope, I have to say that this shaft will stay in the bag for a while and may even make the transition to my next driver. It is what I have been looking for smooth, high kick, able to go at it aggressive with no worries, and no harsh feeling at impact. Is this shaft for, everyone ABSOLUTELY NOT! I will say this if given the chance to take one for a test drive get at it, you may find your next shaft. I know the price is a bit alarming to some, but I do love Circle T's and LE camerons so draw your own conclusion. I just know that my driver shaft search has ended.
  • smoothie4896smoothie4896  598WRX Points: 117Members Posts: 598
    Joined:  #10
    i just recieved a matrix ozik altus lime green shaft. does anyone know the specs or the story on this shaft. The lettering on the shaft is in silver. Any help would be great.

  • projamieprojamie 2 iron in the MBs? Could have alot of fun with that...  812WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 812
    Joined:  #11
    As above, any experience with Altus?
  • lojobutlerlojobutler  1WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 1
    Joined:  #12
    I'm interested in the Altus in a strong flex. How much?
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  • Customgolf-serviceCustomgolf-service  1WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 1
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    If you play a Diamana white now and like to change to Altus is a very big change. You will have a much softer fell, much higher launch and more roll. Go to a Ozik fitting center to find out your Ozik. Every Ozik is playing complete different. Try Code 7 and F7M2. Code feels more like the Mitsubishi, but with with the benefit of Ozik, F7M2 will launch less with a more modern feel.
  • rl4673rl4673  512WRX Points: 55Members Posts: 512
    Joined:  #14
    Having just had an Atus LT put in my Burner TP, I can 100% vouch for how unbelievable these shafts are. No BS, I'm hitting the ball 20yds farther than I was before. They're pricey but I would have paid double for that shaft after seeing the results.
  • drscott266drscott266  504WRX Points: 160Members Posts: 504
    Joined:  #15
    I just put an Ozik Xcon 6 into my Titleist D2, and it has unquestionably added more distance to my drives. Accuracy is great as well, this is truly a great shaft that when you find the right flex you will definitely see an improvement. I can't describe how smooth and easy it feels to hit, despite how stout the flex actually reads. Drives just soar out high and piercing and seem to roll forever compared to my old combo. Definitely get fitted, as I could see how the wrong fit could get you in trouble with shafts, but its certainly worth every penny when you take the time and do it right.
  • sma1001sma1001  12WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 12
    Joined:  #16
    can i ask what your swing speed and tempo is? and what did you use before?
  • scottyallanbscottyallanb Berkley High School Golf Coach  1735WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 1,735
    Joined:  #17
    OK guys after all the hype and me really not wanting to spend the big money to try it, I picked up a great pull from another member here for a great price. I put a Matrix Ozik TP7-x in a perfect Cleveland Launcher 460 head. I was actually suprised that anything would give me more that my Fuji 757x would. Again like people have said less side spin and mishits still go a really long way. But when hit on the screws there is no other shaft to me that feels so smooth. No there are many shafts out there but I have tried many. I will add to the report later but for now this looks like a solid addition to the bag. To add dont let the CPMS scare you. I had no issues at all getting this to work for me.

    Scotty B
  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • caligolfercaligolfer  72WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 72
    Joined:  #18
    Does anyone know how they compare to the Grafalloy Axis shaft? I play an 75X in a 9.5* Titleist D2. I have a quick tempo, SS 107 and I like it a lot but a friend of mine just left the D2 with the same shaft and put in a Matrix Osik in an FT-5 and he hits it 20 yards further. Any reason for me to switch?
  • shoebox69shoebox69  139WRX Points: 60Members Posts: 139
    Joined:  #19
    I am a hug fan of the Axis I have the 75x in a Rapture and loved it. I Put the F6M2 Xcon in a Burner TP and it goes about 20yards farther.

    Love the Axis but there is something to be said for why more and more of us are making the switch.
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  • pdaeropdaero  6046WRX Points: 184Handicap: 0.3Lefty Boomers Posts: 6,046
    Joined:  edited Aug 1, 2008 #20
    Hey guys,

    So I have been eyeing (sp?) the Ozik shafts for some time, and as a college student I am on a somewhat abbreviated income. However, I am very interested in the Ozik shafts (in particular, the F7M2 and the Code 7). My swingspeed is around 105 with a smooth but sometimes quick tempo. Any advice on these 2 shafts? I have been considering starting with the Ozik Altus hybrid.. but the Code 7 reminds me of a shaft I used to play in my driver, the HTD (Harmon Tour Design) CB-70 S, tipped 1/4" at D3. Has anyone played either the F7M2 or the Code 7 in a driver? Please let me know how your experience has been.

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  • SwingieSwingie Im not crying.....Im remembering with tears!  1500WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 1,500
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    I have a code 8 x flex tipped. It is super straight but its a little shorter than my blueboard 83x. I'd rather be straighter than longer (5-10) since the fairwaty is a really nice place to hang out on the golf course image/partytime2.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':black eye:' />

    Dispersion is a 10 but distance is a 7 with this shaft 273cpms in a tour DF 4250 proto
  • jeffblais09jeffblais09  440WRX Points: 55Handicap: +3Members Posts: 440
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    i recently hit tp-7x and altus x stiff shafts in a rapture 9* during a club fitting. my current setup is rapture 9* with accuflex creation ion 80 x flex. i'm 17 and have 120-124mph ss with a moderately slow/smooth tempo. for me the creation is much smoother and launches the ball with much less backspin. im actually 20-25 yds longer with the creation over both oziks. the creation is muchwell i dont want to say straighter, so ill say it is more predictable for me. to me the ozik shafts are way over hiped. the creation 80 x flex is by far the best shaft i've used to date. it gives me an awsome high launch and it hits the ground running like crazy. i was disapointed in the oziks. they just didnt feel quite right almost dead with a lot of kick if that makes sense. did any one else have the same results?

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  • Serenity NowSerenity Now  118WRX Points: 81Lefty Boomers Posts: 118
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    I have the X-Con 6 in my LCG FTi and everyone told me that this driver would be straightest I ever hit but I would sacrifice distance. Half right. It is very straight but with this shaft combination, it is by 20 yards, the longest driver I have ever owned. Best shaft I have ever had
  • col.sarahcol.sarah  97WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 97
    Joined:  #24
    HI there,

    Any of you guys know of or have tried this shaft? Thinking of buying one for my 3 wood.


    Any thoughts would be appreciated

  • Tiptx1122Tiptx1122 TMPing  1669WRX Points: 118Members Posts: 1,669
    Joined:  #25
    Well I had a stiff X-Con 6 in my Callay FT-1 & I was very impressed with the feel I got & acuracy. I still don't think I benifited from using a stiff shaft so I now play the Taylor Made R7 Limited with the 5.5 X-Con reg flex & love it. Im hit so many more fairways & all I see is the middle or left side of the fairway as I play a soft draw which is a shot I could never play till now. Im a believer in the Matrix line of shafts
  • DebodebodeeDebodebodee  6WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 6
    Joined:  #26
    Any input on the TP6HD or the HD6?
  • 757USMCVET757USMCVET  151WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 151
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    anyone used the mfs mt wood series?
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  • semipopularsemipopular  211WRX Points: 35Members Posts: 211
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    I picked up a F7M2 X flex that is a half inch tipped, half inch short, and it is stiff as a board. They get REALLY stiff when you tip them. It definitely got more stiff than any shaft I have tipped an inch. Just a little heads up.
  • ZackerylecZackerylec  8WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 8
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    I got a matrix xcon 6 stiff flex in my r9 tp and could not ask for a better club even after I compared my numbers to newer heads.

    But when I first ordered mine it came in the mail and I didn't have my regular club builder put it in my r9, somehow when I got it back their was a crack right above the tip. The club builder would not do anything about it.

    However I called matrix and even though they don't normally replace shafts unless it was their fault, the lady I talked to asked her boss and and not only did Matrix send me another brand new shaft, they also sent me back my old one cut down so I could use it in a fairway wood

    BEST shaft I've ever hit and Matrix really cares about their customers and if you want my advice I will not buy shafts from anyone else because Matrix has the best products with the best customer service I have ever experienced
  • mr300mr300  14WRX Points: 0Members Posts: 14
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    Matrix 7m3 black tie is the shaft combo i have found that flies low and runs long in my RBZ. Have had grafoly blue x flex and tried a graphite design ys 6+ x flex but all in all the black tie was a good feel not too heavy and comes off like a cut snake so yeah. Only took $600.00 in shaft buys to come up with it.
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  • Hershey27Hershey27  67WRX Points: 35Members Posts: 67
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    Im looking at getting the matrix M3 7 in a ping G25 3 wood. SS is 105 and wanting a low/mid trajectory. Does anyone have this combo?

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