Hills Wet Dog Food PSA

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If you feed your dog Hills Wet Dog Food the FDA recalled 20 different kinds due to high levels of Vitamin D.

Just FYI

Protect the pups


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    Sending a bunch back to Chewy.com this week. Sad, Hills is usually quality.
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    My dog had a rough couple of weeks and now we're wondering if it was the Hill's?

    He already has renal issues and many of the symptoms he already had so we think the recalled food made him worse.

    He's better now, and that's what's important, so if you have an older dog be careful with this recall.
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    Good looking out!

    Our dogs food was one of the ones listed but fortunately not part of the recall due to the date it was made.

    Would have been a real kick in the ;$@ to go through the whole process this dog has been through to get to the right food only to end up hurting it with it as well. She’s older but healthy and had slowed down eating so we started feeding her whatever to just to get her to eat. I figured her last years she deserved to eat some people food and table scraps occasionally. What a mistake! Our dog ended up having pancreatitis and after a few weeks of us being careless with her diet we ended up in the emergency vet all night and then another week with her normal vet for monitoring. It wasn’t pretty, she was violently ill. Now she is on the chicken and Hill’s I/D wet food diet and eats like a horse for the most part. We thought we were helping and being kind but boy did we feel guilty and stupid when we found out.

    Thanks again and the best to everyone and their pups.

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    I just do not understand how the Vet’s office sell this stuff and some of it actually makes the pets sick. I had a uncle who fed his dogs collard greens and sweet potatoes as well as did doggie acupuncture and pool therapy when a vet said the dog would never walk again. Well the dog walked again!

    Crazy what nutrients can do.
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